rodney ;) 4746     07:01 PM.......May 27, 2017   
calm is your sister single i could go out with her then maybe
in less then 6 months id marry her

calmlikeabomb 4745     05:45 PM.......May 27, 2017   
mannn I used to drop macho man elbows on my sister from the couch i never killed her. then she would scratch me and mom would make her cut her nails

rodney ;) 4744     02:05 PM.......May 27, 2017   
we are very deeply saddened by this sick tragic death and
hope that the guilty parties are brought to justice,
WWE stated, there is no excuse to justifcation for the brutal
and ultimately fatal beating of a 2 year old child by a grown man, this is a clear case of criminal intent and a lack of
parental supervision, the father of the child powerbombed
the 2 year old child on a hard wood floor in living room ,

rodney ;) 4743     02:01 PM.......May 27, 2017   
WWE issues statement Regarding
2 year old killed Due to wrestling moves,
WWE issused a stateement to FOX,NEWS regarding the couple
that was arrested following the tragic death of their two year
old child, which is being labeled a wrestling story due to the
claim that wrestling moves, including a Batista bomb resulted
in the death of the toddler,

rodney ;) 4742     11:54 AM.......May 27, 2017   
the weather going be better next week sunny and hot
looks like i might start plant next tuesday maybe
if so it take me at least 3 days get every thing in my huge garden

rodney ;) 4741     11:53 AM.......May 27, 2017   
the farm report says the corn planted in fields in ohio
are 90 percent gone from too much and
lot farmers still have not planted there fields with corn
i can say i have Never been this late in seasion
my self not planting garden

rodney ;) 4740     11:49 AM.......May 27, 2017   
last night so now ill have to untill next week
to plant garden

rodney ;) 4739     11:46 AM.......May 27, 2017   
customs officials capture pigeon wearing drug--filled backpack
pigeons are historically known for carrying messages, the birds
are now being used to carry more dangerous items
customs officials in Kuwait nabbed a pigeon this week that had
been filled with a makeshift backpack filled with pills close
to the iraqi border. according to the BBC. the bird had a total
of 178 pills of Ketamine, which is often used as a club drug,
customs officials said they are aware of pigeons being used
to transport drugs, but this was the first time they had caught
a bird in the act,

rodney ;) 4738     09:21 PM.......May 26, 2017   
the storm is going past now only get end of it

rodney ;) 4737     08:39 PM.......May 26, 2017   
now we got a severe thunderstorm watch damn
garden drying out so now ill have untill next week to plant it

rodney ;) 4736     08:35 PM.......May 26, 2017   
from. Dayton.ohio DAYTON,, man arrested
for smoking marijuana with 12 year old boys,
a city man is being held at the montgomery county jail after
two 12 year old boys told police he smoked marijuana with them, according to a Dayton police report,.Marvin, T, Long,38.
is being held on two counts of corrupting another with drugs
charges according to police,Dayton officers were dispatched
to the 1600 block of Hearthstone Drive around 5.57 pm.
on thursday for a drug complaint, the mother of the 12 year old boys told police the smell of marijuana on her sons was extremely strong that day. one of the juvenile boys,
stated they had gotten marijuana from Marvin in the past,
but today they only smoked it once with him at his house.wrote Dayton police officer, Long is alo being held
on three failure to appear charges, according to the
montgomery County jail records.

rodney ;) 4735     07:33 PM.......May 26, 2017   
he now being charged with Attempted Robbery
Prunty is now being held at South Central Regional jail on
a $10.000 cash bond

rodney ;) 4734     07:32 PM.......May 26, 2017   
west virginia man arrested after opening beer. announcing robbery, police have arrested a suspect after he allegedly
opened a beer at a gas station befor telling the cashier he was
robbing the store. accourding to a criminal complaint, Denzil
Prunty was arrested wensday, may.24th, 2017 and roughly
2.30 pm ,.Prunty allegedly waiked into the store and opened
a 24oz Budweiser without paying after the cashier told him
he was not allowed to drink in the store. Punty told him. you better call the cops. because im about to rob the place.
he than waiked around the store while brandishing a knife
on his hip, Prunty then placed a 9 inch knife on the counter
while the stores manager acivated the panic button,
they were able to occupy Punty untill reinforcement from
Ravenswood police Department arrived

rodney ;) 4733     07:22 PM.......May 26, 2017   
from. LINCOLN,Neb. $10k bill for getting
car stuck in newly poured concrete,
a driver could be facing a $10.000 bill after he plowed into
newly poured concrete in Lincoln, Nebraska, and became stuck,
the accident occurred wensday on a portion of a road repair
project in the state capital, police spokeswoman Angela Sands
said friday that police wont cite the driver. 19 year old
shadrach Yasiah, a police incident report says it wansnt obvious
that the concrete wasnt dry and that Yasiah drove into it though
a 24--foot (7 meter. gap between traffic control cones,
Associated Press attempts to contact Yasiah were not
successful. city engineer Thomas Shafer says the driver
is responsible for the repairs. he says the contractor estimated
it will cost more than $10.000 to pay for removing the car,
scraping out the ruined slurry, repouring more and finishing it,

rodney ;) 4732     07:10 PM.......May 26, 2017   
earler today i did get two lawns

rodney ;) 4731     07:09 PM.......May 26, 2017   
just got back went see mom at nurin home shes the same
she said that she took drive today and stoped at
statepark and looked at lake then after that i went to
doller store , so now im home for night im watching all pro japan wrestling on AXS channel from 7 pm till 11 pm i found out at nuring home well i was in moms room
weather was on now theres a storm on its way for tonight
up to 2 and possble 3 inches rain high winds
saturday be sunny but garden be too wet if we do get rain tonight today the garden was drying out purdy good

rodney ;) 4730     02:41 PM.......May 26, 2017   
all done from, AKRON, ohio,
ohio hospital drops rule requiring women to wear pantyhose . an ohio hospital system has rewritten its dress code
to allow women to skip the pantyhose while wearing dresses
and skirts at work,the Akron --Beacon--journal reports the
Akron based Summa Health system on wensday notified
its 8.000 employees about changes to a dress code that had
raised the ire of some women when it was implemented nearly
two years ago by the previous administration, the revised
rules say all female employees can return to wearing open
toe shoes. a Summa Health vice president said in a memo that
a focus group of employees provide feedback about the changes, other revisions include allowing professional capri
pants and small sudded nose piercing, the hospital also no
longer requires that non--offensive tattoos be covered.

rodney ;) 4729     11:46 AM.......May 26, 2017   
its nice and sunny out its all blue sky

rodney ;) 4728     11:45 AM.......May 26, 2017   
family calling , what are u doing today i said playing with my self
well its bout 12 noon iv not done so far today
and im bout get out chair and go outside
i might yard and two others if yards dry
garden to wet right now but its dryin nicely be ready
by saturday well i better get out side my weird news
fans well after i hear this last song on radio ill
get out side

rodney ;) 4727     11:40 AM.......May 26, 2017   
two kids were taken to a local hospital, but there were no reports of any injuries., the homeowner identified the suspect
as one of her nabors , police tried taiking to the suspect
. but he told them his attorney said not to speak to police
and slammed his front door in officers face ,
shortly afterward, he appeared at his front door and told
police he would contact them once he spoke to his lawyer,

rodney ;) 4726     11:37 AM.......May 26, 2017   
.from portst LUCIE, Fla
naborhood grouch caught on video unplugging bounce house
during 1 year olds birthday , a naborhood party pooper disrupted a littie girls birthday party in FL by deflating a bounce house. the incident was all caught on video,
the video shows kids enjoying themselfs in the boubce house.
celebrating the 1 year olds birthday when suddenly. the bounce
house begins to lose air, parents rush over to help a dozen
kids who were trapped in the deflated bounce house, thats not all the homes security camera captured,. an elederly man
in his 80s can be seen waiking along the side of the house
and unplugging the bouce house from an outdoor outlet, the suspect waiks away the bounce house was eventually
inflated after a few party guests noticed that it had been unplugged,

rodney ;) 4725     11:26 AM.......May 26, 2017   
from, TOLEDO.OHIO Charges to be filed for lead
contamination, an ohio city is filing criminal charges
against owners of lead-- contaminated homes, where people.
including children. continue to live despite orders to vacate,.
Toledo housing prosecutors say they will file first--degree
misdemeanor charges against three property owners friday,
the penalty is up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine,
mayor Paula Hicks Hudson, Democrat, said thursday she told
prosecutors to be more aggressive in an effort to prevent
children from being exposed to lead, the ohio Department
of Health published earlier this month a list of unsafe homes
that included 27 properties in Toledo. the Blade newspaper reports that the mayor will also seek an injunction against some
landlords to force them to stop renting homes untill lead
hazards are removed,

rodney ;) 4724     11:13 AM.......May 26, 2017   
from. NORTH, RIDGEVILLE, OHIO Humane officer fired after
killing baby rabbits, an ohio humane officer has been fired
after he was accused of breaching procedure in killing five baby
rabbits, a man had asked North Ridgeville police for help
after he accidentally killed a rabbit with his lawnmower and then
discovered five more,the man, sheldon jones, says he thought
the surviving animals might be taken to a shelter, instead,
he says Humane officer Barry Accorti grabbed them,. took
them to his truck and quickly broke their necks, police say
Barry Accorti was fired wensday, but they dont believe he broke
any laws, Accorti spent three decades as a police officer in
North Ridgeville and rejoined the department as a Humane officer after his retirement. he declined to comment on his firing,

rodney ;) 4723     11:00 AM.......May 26, 2017   
from, MIDDLETOWN,pa woman accused of smothing
baby while drunk and high she killed her 2 month old baby boy

rodney ;) 4722     10:58 AM.......May 26, 2017   
garden to wet to plant today so ill give it day to dry then saturday
ill be out there all day in garden ill have it all planted befor dark sat night

rodney ;) 4721     09:09 AM.......May 26, 2017   
from, newyork mean teacher
NYC substitute teacher charged with hate crime,
a new york city substitute teacher was charged thursday moring with a hate crime after he yanked an 8 year old students
hijab off her head, police said, Oghenetega,31 was arraiged
in Bronx Criminal Court on charges of aggravated harassment
as a hate crime and endgering the welfare of a child.
according to the crimnal complaint, Edan kicked the childs
foot and hit her hand in a classroom at P,S 76 befor theatening
her, saying if you dont behave, im going to take your ugly
scarf off and burn it the victim, who is in second grade,
told him that he cant take off her hijab bcause it is against
her religion and others are not allowed to see her hair. according
to the complaint, the teacher responded i want to see your hair
and took off her hijab in front of the classroom , the teacher started to jump on the hijab on the floor,
the girl was treated for an eye injury

rodney ;) 4720     08:51 AM.......May 26, 2017   
teachers disciplined after giving students most likely to become
a terrorist cerificate
a group of teachers at a Houston area junior high school
are being disciplined after officials said they gave few students
a certificate naming her most likely to become a terrorist.
Lizeth Villanueva, 13 and few others received the award
during a mock award ceremony at Anthony Aguirre junior

rodney ;) 4719     08:44 AM.......May 26, 2017   
woman beats son who gave mothers day card to grandmother
instead a south Carolina woman was arrested after police
said she beat her 6 year old son over a mother day card dispute,Spartanburg police officers responded to a distubance
call at a residence thursday moring, officers found a woman
with two kids. a girl and a boy and the boy was crying.
the woman said she was the grandmother and that her daughter had slapped the crying child multiple times on the head
according ro WBRC,the boys sister told police that their mother
was angry because her brother had made a mothers day card
for their grandmother and not their mother,, officers discovered
a torn up mothers day card at the scene, police said the kids
mother. shontrell Murphy,30. aditted to smacking the child
but didnt believe she hit the child in a hard or violent way,
Murphy was arrested and charged with cruelty to children,

rodney ;) 4718     09:26 PM.......May 25, 2017   
hosty i wont enter chat tonight because u be mean to me
and friday night i might peek in starting at 7 pm
till 11 pm IWGP all japan pro wrestling be on channel AXS TV

rodney ;) 4717     08:37 PM.......May 25, 2017   
hosty i love you when u taik like that to me

Hosty 4716     08:01 PM.......May 25, 2017   
if you swear like that again on the home page sb, i'll ban you again rod. I edited your post. and I was just teasing, you didn't need to swear like that

rodney ;) 4715     07:05 PM.......May 25, 2017   
RICHMOND, ind a 64 year old man accused of Raping
more than 40 woman was transffed from an ohio supermax
prison to a Wayne County jail in indiana on wensday,
according to news partner kicks 96. Richard Gwinn
has been licked to dozens of rape investations, though
DNA testing that were cold cases in ohio and Florida,
Authorities believe Gwinn started raping women as early as
1974 in vandalia,ohio, Gwinn is being held in Wayne County jail
on a $200.000 cash bond, Gwinn has already been sentenced
to two life terms in Florida,

rodney ;) 4714     06:44 PM.......May 25, 2017   
from, WORCESTER.mass. Mass cleaning staff finds python
in Hotel room drawer a worker at a mass hotel got a
slithery surprize with cleaning a room, a 5 foot ball python
in a drawer,the telegram & Gazette reports that staff
at the Marriott Reasidence inn in Worcester found the snake
last week and called animal control. Animal control took
the snake to a pet supply store, General manager Rod Dzivasen
says the snake appeared to be in good health, officials dont
think the snake was in the room for long, police say the person
renting the room and believed to be the snakes owner had
checked out the prior day, its unlikely anyone will be charged,
the snakes are native to Africa,

rodney ;) 4713     06:34 PM.......May 25, 2017   
from . Orlando, FL. surprise python in pantry
FL man opened his pantry tuesday moring to a slithering
surprise, a four--foot python, Leen Licktman says when he went
to throw out the garage when he saw the snake, i thought
it was a hallucination, i swear to God,. i told the lady on the
phone dont laugh when i tell you this, Lichtman said,
he called 911, and when Orange County fire and Rescue arrived
they used a pillow case to capture the snake, they took it to
a local theme park and animal reserve. where the python now
has a new home. far away from Lennys

rodney ;) 4712     06:20 PM.......May 25, 2017   
from, AVON,ind crying doll creates a scare when
a woman calls 911 julie Potter thought it was going to
be a quick stop to drop off clothes monday moring at a
Special Olympics donation box in Avon, indiana, instead.
,Potter ended up on the phone with 911, im here in front
of the Hobby Lobby in Avon and i was dropping off someb clothes and i can hear a baby crying down in this drop off,
Potter told the dispatcher. Potter. a mom and grandma,
has had plenty of experience with crying babies,. she
knows what they sound like. but had never heard one inside
a donation box, you could just hear the crying and the swishing
around, Potter said, Potter stayed on the phone with 911 while
she waited for police to get to the shopping plaze, she said every second that it took seemed to drag on forever,
she also tried to get inside the bin because she wanted
to check on the baby,. buy she wasnt tall enough,
emergency crews arrived within a few minutes. when a medic
jumped up to look inside

rodney ;) 4711     08:04 PM.......May 24, 2017   
plus his arm broke with screws in it his face broke up and
42 bones broke in his back poor man be in nuring home
for 6 months so what i take him cheer him up

rodney ;) 4710     08:03 PM.......May 24, 2017   
i have humor today i painted a 2 foot ladder
all pink with two cans spray paint i can say its
brightest pink i ever seen nabor was up on 24 feet ladder
and fell 2 weeks go so after the paint dryed i added bunch fake flowers on both sides and screwed stuff animal
to bottom step that reads help i have fell and cant get up
with 2 pie pans on top with dirt in both and one with pepper
other with daisy flowers ill take it to him one day to
nurin home he broke pelvis, all his ribs plus his hip and
punchered his lung and broke his knee

rodney ;) 4709     07:10 PM.......May 24, 2017   
hosty i can take care that tooth for u
close your eyes and ill fix u right good as new

rodney ;) 4708     06:09 PM.......May 24, 2017   
from, southwest FL, tattooed joker accused of
flashing gun at cars ,,roll a man with facial tattoos in the
style of the joker comic book villain and the green hair to match is accused of pointing a gun at cars tuesday in shouthwest, Fl.
WFOR--TV reported that police were called about a man flashing
a gun at cars near Sw 104th street and Hammocks Boulevard,
police spotted and questioned Lawrence Sullivan, 29. who
fit the description of the popular Batman nemesis, a police officer said he saw Sullivan waik from an a partment complex,
during a pat--down., the officer said he found a Smith and Wesson.380-caliber gun in Sullivans pocket, he was arrested
and charged with carring a concealed weapon.
Sullivan had joker--tatted on his forehead and Ha Ha Ha
scrawled under his eye. Sullivan appeared in court wensday
and the judge set his bond at $5000 cash ,

rodney ;) 4707     05:58 PM.......May 24, 2017   
from , OXford ,OHIO Bomb set off in Oford porta potty
workers at a job site on Bishop street found a porta potty at the
south side of the proprty had been damaged when they
reported there at 8 am, may,17th. all sides of the unit were
blown apart, apparently by some sort of explosive device. burn
marks were found on pieces around the area and pieces of
maroon paper and duct tape were found all over the area,
apparently from what had been used to assemble the explosive

Jimymac 4706     10:01 AM.......May 24, 2017   
I do smell it Calm it smells like BULLSHIT!

rodney ;) 4705     07:12 PM.......May 23, 2017   
US attack on North Korea is going to happen no shit
air base here been flyin out C-17s and C-30s
all day there flying out base low there fully loaded tha fly
over house every time purdy tho id say
it happen probby next week it be a messy war with
potentially catastrophic consequence

rodney ;) 4704     07:00 PM.......May 23, 2017   
Elvis plane to be auctioned after 30 years sitting on runway
Elvis Presleys last privately owned jet is on the auction block,
the plane has been sitting at the Roswell international Air Center
for over 30 years, its just one out of three Planes once
belonging to Presley,.the jet will be sold to the highest bidder
at an auction in Beverly Hills. as of Tuesday afternoon, the
highest bid was $151.000. Presleys jet is currently owned
by a private Collector and theres no reserve on the auction,
the auction house estimated the bidding could get up to
$2 million www.liveauctioneers. com

calmlikeabomb 4703     05:46 PM.......May 23, 2017   
if calm was on a jury it would be described as a hung jury if u smell what I'm cooking

Jimymac 4702     12:24 PM.......May 23, 2017   
On another note: The Florida man who claimed his girlfriend choked to death during oral sex was found not guilty Monday. Pattersons lawyers filed a motion to show his penis to the jury but the judge never ruled on the request.

rodney ;) 4701     07:02 AM.......May 23, 2017   
i was goin post more last night but then i went
to living room watch world news and fell sleep on sofo
i woke up round midnight then got in my bed

calmlikeabomb 4700     07:24 PM.......May 22, 2017   
for rodney

rodney ;) 4699     05:46 PM.......May 22, 2017   
so funny folks now days are so dumb
from TWINSBURG.OHIO man who cited extortion on
child porn site is arrested authorities say an ohio man who told police he visited a child pornography website and
was now being extoted faces a chilsd pornography charges,
the summit county sheriffs office says 22 year old julius Maya.
of Twinburg. told police he entered all of his personal information
on a child porn site and later got an email demanding $5.000 cash or he would be reported to the police, the sheriffs office said
he instead waiked in to the Twinsburg police department.
Mays is now charged with the felony of pandering sexually
oriented matter involving a minor. he could face more charges
and could face up to 5 years in prison hes being
held in jail with out bond untill his trial

rodney ;) 4698     05:35 PM.......May 22, 2017   
tuesday till my garden and two others

rodney ;) 4697     05:35 PM.......May 22, 2017   
today out all day just waiked in im sweaty

rodney ;) 4696     07:36 PM.......May 21, 2017   
first im going take then shave then get in
Hosty i hope u give me 2 free triva points
tonight and ill stay for whole game

rodney ;) 4695     07:31 PM.......May 21, 2017   
well im going take a i have not had in two days

rodney ;) 4694     07:29 PM.......May 21, 2017   
well i hope u in joy reading my bestest weird true news

rodney ;) 4693     07:27 PM.......May 21, 2017   
from. UBBARD..OHIO former ohio mayor sentenced to prison
for Raping child
the former mayor of HUBBARD was sentenced on monday
for Raping a girl, who was only four years old
Richard Keenan will spend life in prison with parole after
10 years, in court he apologized for his actions,
he has been in Trumbull county jail since his bond was revoked.
after he tryed to call the 4 year old girl from his home
last month/ Keenan pleaded guilty to 24 counts of sex crimes.
including eight counts of rape. he agreed to the life sentence
with parole eligbility. according to court documents,
the alleged crimes began as early as september of 2013

rodney ;) 4692     07:17 PM.......May 21, 2017   
see hosty i work hard on my weird news i bring
only bestest stuff for my weird news fan club to read
from,, LAS CRUCES, NM former high school science
teacher pleads guilty to manufacturing meth in
new mexico his name isnt walter white. but a former
high school chemistry teacher in new mexico pleaded guilty
in court monday to four counts related to manufacturing
and trafficking in methamphetamine, john w Gose.56
pleaded guilty to trafficking by manufacturing ,
and possession of a controlled substance and possession
of drug parahernalia

rodney ;) 4691     07:09 PM.......May 21, 2017   
from,, GREENVILLE S.C south carolina police, say
a teacher locked a a Autistic kindergartner in a supply locker
closet. police say that the teacher Hughes lockedan
autistic 5 year old in a supply closet. with ni lights/ for 35 minutes as a punisment,. those warrants also say that Hughes
dragged that child across the room out of a chair injuring him,
the teacher has been fired and the school board
reprimanded Hughes in 2010 2012 and 2013 for her unusual
discipline practices the parents are suing the greenville
county school district for 2.5 million dollers .
stating that the other previous reprimands should have been
red flags of Hughes behavior .

rodney ;) 4690     06:59 PM.......May 21, 2017   
from, AUSTIN,. TX a cook Elementary school special
education teacher is charged with injury to a child after a
parent says the teacher bit her daughter at school
according to court documents, courtney Nikole williams. 35
was arrested and charged with the crime for an incident,
on march. 6th

rodney ;) 4689     06:56 PM.......May 21, 2017   
from . colorado. teacher accused of letting students
hit pinata with presidents face a high school Spanish teacher in colorado is on paid leave after district officoals
say she created a pinata with presidents Donald Trumps face
on it ,, the teacher apparently allowed students to hit the pinata
on friday during a Cinco de Mayo celebration, the school
imediately put the teacher on paid leave, in a statement. the
superintendent said, this was an incredibly disrespectful act
that does not reflect the values of Roosevelt high school
or the school district, one school parent said even though she
didnt for for Mr, Trump, she was offended when she saw a
video of the pinata on social media

rodney ;) 4688     03:34 PM.......May 21, 2017   
from. Georgia . woman pretends to be Target
worker, dteals $11k in iphones the woman was caught
on security footage monday police said, she allegedly
pretended to be an employee, wearing a Target Mobile shirt
to get into a restricted area where iphones were in a safe,
the woman, who had piercings in her lip and neck, is accused
of taking 15 cellphones and fleeing in an awaiting gray Dodge

rodney ;) 4687     01:14 PM.......May 21, 2017   
on this date in 2011. the legendary Macho Man Randy
Savage passed away

rodney ;) 4686     01:08 PM.......May 21, 2017   
hosty is saying more son rodney daddy
calm down im only getting started ok dad

rodney ;) 4685     01:07 PM.......May 21, 2017   
from, newyork,, a 7th month old baby
died after his parents only fed him only gluten--free and
lactose free foods including quinoa milk, so lets make the parents drink that stuff for next 25 years in prison cell

rodney ;) 4684     01:03 PM.......May 21, 2017   
a total of $100.492.14

rodney ;) 4683     01:02 PM.......May 21, 2017   
holy SHIT lets all go starbucks for and make
sure its hot a jury awarded a Fl woman just over $100.000
in damages after hot coffee spilled on her lap in the drive--thru
of a starbucks in jacksonville . Fl
when joanne Mogavero went though the drive--thru
of a starbucks in july 2014, the lid of her coffee cup came off
as the employee handed it to her and hot coffee spilled on to
her lap, causing serius burn injuries. the lawsuit. which
was originally filed by Morgan and Morgan in 2015. was
seeking at least $15.000 in damages to cover Mogaveros
mediical expenses,. the jury determined that starbucks
was 80 percent negligent and Mogaveros was 20 percent
negligent,they found that Mogaveros damages for pain
and suffering. physical impairment, disfigurement, inconvenience
and loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life was $55.000
in the past and $30.000 in the furture .
so this led the jury to determine that Mogavero should
be awarded a t

rodney ;) 4682     12:51 PM.......May 21, 2017   
Arizone nurse charged with sex crimes against young kids
shes facing multiple charges for sex abuse crimes involving
kids as young as 3 years old ..

iv got no commet on this as well people in
the world now days

rodney ;) 4681     12:48 PM.......May 21, 2017   
holy from, Houston,
7th grader could be registered as sex offender for sex with
12 year old girlfriend a 14 year old boy in texas could
be labeled as a sex offender after he was arrested for
allegedly having sex with his 12 year old girlfriend ,
the 7th grader faces charges of aggravated sexual assault
of a child. the Houston Chronicle reports, if he is convicted,
the state would register him as a sex offender for life
the teens mother says, the sex was consensual and he loves
her. texas has what is known as the Romeo and juliet
law, which allows an underage person to have consensual sex
with someone aged three years apart. but this does not apple
to someone who is younger than 14 years old,
.................... .................... .................... .................... .......
i have NO commet on this because hosty have my ass on
hook hanging me from rope so ok folks
lets go to nother story

rodney ;) 4680     12:38 PM.......May 21, 2017   
from FL. police Fl man with 20 tattoos wearing hot
pink bra arrested a Fl man who was reported for
erratic driving early sunday was found by deputies a short time
later in a hotel parking lot wearing some unusual attire.
police said, Deputies said Buford Carrioll,30 of vero Beach,
was in a parked car wearing a white shirt with a hot pink bra
underneath, according to a police report obtained by the
smoking gun, police said Carroll also allegedly smelled of
alcochol,. had a restricted licence and was driving a car
with plates registered to a different car, the smoking gun
reported that Carroll was charged with attaching tags not
assigned to the car. its unclear why Carroll was wearing a bra.
though police did list descriptions of his 20 tattoos, which
included an 1-95 sign. the words life of a struggler.l and the
statue of Liberty holding a gun.

rodney ;) 4679     12:28 PM.......May 21, 2017   
ok my wonderful weird news Fans i was not posting
up dates saturday i was gone,. so today get ready
and relax and injoy reading inm purdy sure
that hosty is getting his and taxie leave me
lone rodneys going post lot nice true weird storys just
what i need for sunday

rodney ;) 4678     12:14 PM.......May 21, 2017   
i can it now ill be on my john deere trackor and would be
sitting on hood smoking he say damn good weed

rodney ;) 4677     12:04 PM.......May 21, 2017   
thats $350 million

rodney ;) 4676     12:03 PM.......May 21, 2017   
this what iv been for ohio supreme court justice backs legalizing marijuana ohio supreme court
justice william O,Neill says its time for the state to decriminalize
marijuana. the lone Democrat holding an ohio
statewide office says making marijuana legal is working in
colorado and doing it in ohio would bring hundreds of millions
of dollers in sales taxes, O,Neill is considering a run for governor but he wont plan on making a decison untill the end
of the year, he spoke friday night to the Wayne county
Democratic party in northeastern ohio, O,Neill says he not only
wants to legalize marijuana but also release all non--violent
marijuana offenders from prison .. .
he says doing those two things would generate an estimated
$350 to both combat drug addiction and create a mental health
network run by the state,
.................... .................... .................... ...................
i do agree that we need more help and fundin

rodney ;) 4675     09:57 AM.......May 21, 2017   
so today be lazy sunday back in my lazyboy chair
and read sunday paper and i can read un like some members
in dews

rodney ;) 4674     09:55 AM.......May 21, 2017   
oh by the way last night i didnt get home untill
after midnight like any u care

rodney ;) 4673     09:54 AM.......May 21, 2017   
next weekend be nothing but indy 500 and cokeacole 600
then after that first weekend in june be Stawberry festival
then june.11 in cinn Concours d Elegance be over 250
of the most spectacular velicles of all time ,
then june, 24th dayton air show im purdy sure
befor that ill go to few church festivels
so Hosty Daddy send me some

rodney ;) 4672     09:47 AM.......May 21, 2017   
saturday after i went to nuring home then
i went on to kingsisland in cinn my god i seen lots lots lots
sexy ladys and teengirls i dont ride big rides only
thing i got on was kiddie ride close to ground
and it poured down in buckets for over 35 minutes
i was wet from my head to my toes

rodney ;) 4671     09:01 AM.......May 20, 2017   
when ohio passes that ill be smoking weed well im on john deere

rodney ;) 4670     08:59 AM.......May 20, 2017   
vermont legal marijuana bill faces final hurdle in Republican
governor,. phil scott. the first term republican of vermond.
had untill wensday to act on a bill that would make his state
the ninth in the nation to let folks smoke weed legal

rodney ;) 4669     08:52 AM.......May 20, 2017   
i went this morin to nurin home and lady at
front desk told me no visiters allowed
so i lied to lady told her well my name is
rodney hill so she said ok go up hall
and turn left u see the room so i did
and i only stayed 5 minutes befor the front desk
got word who i really was then after i vited him
i got hell out there now days nuring homes
even let in isis members tha better start checking
folks ID from there wallets

rodney ;) 4668     08:36 AM.......May 20, 2017   
hosty im busy today once again my rear tine tiller
is all over garage floor i had take sides off
and tines off the tammto cage was so wrapped round
tines i had take back part all off so today
ill put all parts back on what real
pain in that is

rodney ;) 4667     08:33 AM.......May 20, 2017   
in, ohio grand jury wont indict officer for
fatally shooting teenager i say go shoot not
one but at least 10 officers that way
maybe tha learn not to shoot people
not holdin a gun

rodney ;) 4666     08:30 AM.......May 20, 2017   
Cincinnati Reds losing sreak is now 7 games in Row
damn losers

rodney ;) 4665     09:04 PM.......May 19, 2017   
hosty this summer if u are in area u are welcome to
stop on in to see me and bring your work gloves

rodney ;) 4664     08:34 PM.......May 19, 2017   
that was ugly black guy tha never did up up taik to me
im beyond help no church folks could help me
or reform me the only reason i put up with guy and lady
ones every two weeks there mormens the guy is funny
and lady has nice boobs tha been coming for past 3 years handing me stuff to read after tha leave i tear
it in half and put it in recly bin im not goin read bout
mormen stuff or bout there church im looking forward to
there next visit

rodney ;) 4663     08:28 PM.......May 19, 2017   
earlyer today well i was in garage with 3 tool boxes and blow
torch and wirecutters and bolt cutters goddam i had
all stuff out tryin to cut the tommato cage out
of the tines on my rear tine tiller and i heard somthing
i pop my head up look there was one ugly fat back guy and
two ladys holding bibles and i heard one lady say
lets not go there tha got wheelchair ramp has to
be sick person i was thinking lady u have no idea
how i am then tha started up street

rodney ;) 4662     06:08 PM.......May 19, 2017   
i had good laff for 15 minutes reading this weird true story
i had tears down my face purdy funny
from, BRYAN, TX Hearse stolen, body dumped by
the side of the road in TX a body was dumped on the side
of a Brazos county Road this moring amid the theft of a hearse. according to KXAN. Brazos county chief Deputy
,w .james stewart a picture of a toppled over gurney saying
the body was ditched in a rural Brazos county
KBTX television reports the hearse was stolen from a
McDonalds parking lot where the funeral home employee
briefly parked the hearse. a body was in the back, en route
to a local funeral home , additonal details were not available,
the body was recovered,

rodney ;) 4661     08:44 PM.......May 18, 2017   
well one more dont u laff hosty or il might ..kick u in the nuts wensday afternoon i was tilling garden
and i didnt see the tommato cage under dirt it wraped
round the tines on my rear tine tiller so friday
im goin be using wire cutters and bolt cutters getting that
out there

rodney ;) 4660     08:41 PM.......May 18, 2017   
thats it now im goin take a

rodney ;) 4659     08:39 PM.......May 18, 2017   
from. GLENDALE,AZ.. Ax--wielding clown scares
kids in Arizona, police are searching for the person
in Arizona who was wearing a mask and chased childrern
with an ax .i turned around and all of a sudden i see a clown
go by and then he just starts running at me, one of the kids.
told KNXV, police tweeted a photo of the suspected weapon
and mask the man was wearing that were found in anearby field, my son was / in tears.l almost out of breath.
jennifer Moody , one of the childerns mothers told KNXV ,
none of the kids were injured. but police are now investigating
whether the man was just trying to scare the kids or really
trying to hurt someone,

rodney ;) 4658     08:31 PM.......May 18, 2017   
from, WATSONVILLE cali, Doctor. nurses charged
in cali with child sexual abuse, cali authorities say
a brain surgeon and two nurses have been charged in a child sex
abuse ring involving seven kids under age of 13.
Watsonville police capt jorge Zamora said today that Dr james
kohunt,. Emily stephens and Rashel Brandon have all been arrested and charged with sex crimes with kids,.
Zamora said the kids have all been placed in protective
custody,. it was unclear if the suspects are repesented by lawyers, Zamora said investigators were given a video they say
shows the abuse and was recorded in a nearby hotel,
Zamora declined to discuss reationships among
the defendants and the kids.

rodney ;) 4657     08:21 PM.......May 18, 2017   
trash disks wash ashore,. the U,S ,Navy is investigating
after compacted trash disks similar to those made on its
ships washed up on beaches on North Carolinas Outer Banks.
Kill Devil Hills resident Heather Cremia says she has collected
17 discs, i want answers, i want to know why this happened,.
how they got away with it and how long this has been going on
and i want it to end, Cremia says, Cremia says she found
the first disc in Kill Devil Hills on April.27th. and her friend found
several other discs while working in Carova on mothers day,
ted Brown. with the Navys Fleet Forces Command, said
the disks appear to be similar to those made on Navy ships
to compress plastic waste for easy storage untill a ship reaches
port. Brown said ships are prohibited from dumping plastic into
the ocean under Navy policy and environmental regulations,

rodney ;) 4656     08:10 PM.......May 18, 2017   
from new jersey student dies as a result of the choking
game the home news Tribune reports Bernards
township schools Superintendent Nick Markarian wrote to parents the the student engaged in a game that is also known
as space monkey, the fainting game or flatliner. dad warns
of dangers of choking game after his 11 year old son dies.
participants seek to achieve euphoria by briefly stopping
oxygen from reaching the brain, the superintendent
recommended that parents taik to their kids and review
the search history of their media devices, the name
and age of the student who died was not released

rodney ;) 4655     07:51 PM.......May 18, 2017   
winter my

play 4654     04:16 PM.......May 18, 2017   
I have been banned

play 4653     04:16 PM.......May 18, 2017   
I have been banned

calmlikeabomb 4652     04:08 PM.......May 18, 2017   
rod seems to work pretty hard to me

winter 4651     01:31 PM.......May 18, 2017   
lol at rod have a job
that's funny

Jimymac 4650     08:40 AM.......May 18, 2017   

Jimymac 4649     08:24 AM.......May 18, 2017   
Rod, this is more important than you working and keeping food on the table. quit your job and just post here all day!!!!

rodney ;) 4648     06:47 PM.......May 17, 2017   
sorry bout not keeping up with weird news going on
iv been so busy outside iv not even had time
to even read the sunday paper hell i didnt even take it out of
plasic bag i threw it in recyler can people been
leaving messages where are u come till my garden
FUC them iv been too busy with my own garden
out there every day sweating bleeding cuts on my
arms and legs from tommato cages out
there again all day