calmlikeabomb 06:37 PM.......Apr 23, 2017   
whats wrong with being drunk and poor rod?

rodney ;) 05:47 PM.......Apr 23, 2017   
happy Days actress Erin Moran dead at 56
she was drunk and poor

rodney ;) 08:04 AM.......Apr 23, 2017   
today im headin out to the suger maple festival

rodney ;) 07:30 PM.......Apr 22, 2017   
oh winter im

winter 02:24 PM.......Apr 22, 2017   
rod rod rod
you and your fantasy sex including kids, is outright ridiculous,
.. ban
you often mention kids here
I hope this box closes soon, its an embarrassment to us as newcomers read it
and most of the old timers don't like it ,,
Vote Close The Box

rodney ;) 12:52 PM.......Apr 22, 2017   
heres funny one from dayton, ohio again
police are looking for two suspects that stole a golf cart
from madden hills golf course on thursday,
two men were golfing 100 feet from golfcart
and two teens jumped on it and took off
two mails ages of 18 to 20 stole the golf cart
that had golf clubs on back of it last seen heading
towards Nicholas road

rodney ;) 12:46 PM.......Apr 22, 2017   
that mother is mean from ..dayton, ohio
police are searching for a woman that broke a gas station
window with a half a bucket of kitty litter on thursday ..
according to poilce reports, the woman drove to the Sunoco
gas station on the 900 block of Wayne Ave, the woman
became angry when the clark did not notice her,
once the woman had paid for her gas and exited the store,
she went to the window where she could see the clark
and spat on it,, she than went back back into the store
and demanded her money back,the woman went outside again
and picked up a bucket that was half full of cat litter and threw
it throgh the door of the gas station, there have been no arrests
in this case

rodney ;) 12:30 PM.......Apr 22, 2017   
happy birthday Hosty im giving u a one way air line
ticket to canada u have pay for your return trip home

rodney ;) 12:28 PM.......Apr 22, 2017   
then 25 minutes later i get nother call
some rag head tellin me that iv got virus in my computer
i said ya i probby do i injoy watching fathers
havin sex with there daughters on line and for u
your just dumb rag head scammer then i hang up

rodney ;) 12:24 PM.......Apr 22, 2017   
i got good laff today i got call sayin i missed jury duty
and that i need to give them all my info i said ya
i hear .. baby in back do u molest the kid tha over at me i just injoy pissing the phone scammers off
to point that tha bout in there pants and get i said u lay kid on bed and lick them lol
tha again tell me go to hell then tha slam phone down

rodney ;) 08:13 AM.......Apr 22, 2017   
the clock is ticking one week left to get a spending bill
though congress or face a goverment shutdown
i say shut it all down

rodney ;) 05:19 PM.......Apr 21, 2017   
happy birthday hosty u are old age of 78

Jimymac 02:21 PM.......Apr 21, 2017   
Rod you like Playgirl? are you a switch hitter?

rodney ;) 09:45 AM.......Apr 21, 2017   
this morin i went to over 20 garage sales so far ..y
i just got back to headin back out for rest
of sales today i bought brand new garden shovels
$3 and unopened air freshers whole box for $4 10 in box
and brand new water fouten andbrand new work gloves size LG two pair then for $3 and colerful short
pants LG with flowers on them plus AM and FM CD player still in box with four speakers $5
plus i found stack of playgirl mags $2
im goin read all them after ill give thos away
hosty send me some DADDY
this weekend im goin to the suger maple festival
then on to.. june festivals ,,,strawberry festival
well im headin back out to garage sales on my purdy blue 3 wheel bike

rodney ;) 05:46 PM.......Apr 20, 2017   
bed comforter brand new

rodney ;) 05:45 PM.......Apr 20, 2017   
today we had over 200 garage sales and
i went to over 90 and bought
a purdy brand new pink with roses on it
for $5 and huge box of baseballs for dog $2
and garden tools and lot other stuff so friday
be 65 new garage sales open up

rodney ;) 04:56 PM.......Apr 19, 2017   
this funny true story
in DAVIS. Cali a california woman faces up too sex years
in prison after admitting that she broke windows and left
bacon at a mosque near sacramento. the yolo county
District Attorneys office said 30 year old Lauren Kirk-Coehio
of Davis pleaded guilty to all charges on wensday,
they inclused two counts of vandalizing the Davis islamic center
in january and causing more than $400 in damage by
destroying six windows and two bicycles,she also
admitted to a hate crime allegation, officials say she put
bacon strips on the door handles. lol. muslims are prohibited
from eating pork products

rodney ;) 04:38 PM.......Apr 19, 2017   
and for u calm

rodney ;) 04:38 PM.......Apr 19, 2017   
and news former patts NFL player
killed him self in his jail cell Hernandez

rodney ;) 04:36 PM.......Apr 19, 2017   
great news the woman abuser Bill 0 Relly
was fired from foxes news

rodney ;) 07:03 PM.......Apr 18, 2017   
news from pro wrestling once again ;(
Matt Anoia. who wrestled in the WWE as Rosey.
and is the brother of Roman Reigns, passed away last night
from heart failure .,
.................... .................... .................... .................... ....
bout not doin updates on weird news ;(
monday i was out all day then cut busches down ;)
then i was out all day i tilled my huge garden then
did two 25 feet rows of beans ;) and 25 feet row of cabbage
;) ill be out all day wensday ;) i was so worn out monday
night i was in bed 8 pm so tonight im headin
to then off bed ;)

calmlikeabomb 06:36 PM.......Apr 18, 2017   
but rod is still

calmlikeabomb 06:36 PM.......Apr 18, 2017   
hes dead now

Jimymac 09:28 AM.......Apr 18, 2017   
That crazy bastard that killed the old man on Easter was from Ohio. Must be the water there.

rodney ;) 07:48 PM.......Apr 17, 2017   
and u calm u are a lot

rodney ;) 07:47 PM.......Apr 17, 2017   
i just waiked in worked out in yard all day and
trimmed bunch bushes and tryin get that damn skunk
out from under my barn .
from portland, OR a mother offered her 3 year old daughter
for sex with man on line the man called FBI thats
one mother and she also wanted watch him
doin her in bed what

calmlikeabomb 09:11 PM.......Apr 16, 2017   
says Rodney is bastard

rodney ;) 08:45 PM.......Apr 16, 2017   
winter my

winter 10:27 AM.......Apr 16, 2017   
the easter skunk visited Rodney

rodney ;) 09:45 PM.......Apr 15, 2017   
worlds oldest person,. Emma Morano,
dies at 117 years old Morano was born, nov, 29, 1899.
in northern italy. one of Morano sisters lived to be
over 107 and other sister lived to be 100 years old .

rodney ;) 12:35 AM.......Apr 15, 2017   
your all invited on over to house for easter sunday
ill have huge easter Ham

Hosty 11:42 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   

rodney ;( 11:11 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
an hour ago puppy wanted out so i let him out back door
few minutes later there he was up on back porch face covered
with white foam goddam there was skunk knocked me over ran in back door dog running after skunk
running round dining room table skunk got me
my legs covered in white took me 30 minutes
running after both them with broom stick skunk finly
ran out front door im standin there covered in white foam whole house stinks i gave dog bath
i hope i never see goddam skunk up close like that
ever again im goin stink for week

calmlikeabomb 08:59 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   

rodney ;) 07:48 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
theres so much weird news i cant keep up

rodney ;) 07:46 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
i find the bestest true weird storys ever
FL woman comes home, finds man frying chicken
in kitchen a Fl man decided to dry a chicken and
vodka dinner, the only problem was that the food and
alcohol was not his according to Gainesville sun.
Ronald Gregory Wesly, 34 of Archer, allegedly broke into
a womans home after she had gone to work on thursday,
the woman returned to her home to find him frying chicken
that had been in her refrigerator and drinking her vodka,,
Wesly . who has had two prior theft convictions, was arrested.
charged with burglary and taken to the Alachua county jail ..

rodney ;) 06:07 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
hosty wanna after wards u take me too nice
steak dinner

rodney ;) 06:06 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
and calm your only that i know of in chat

rodney ;) 06:05 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
calm u need more then a rolling pin beating to cure u

rodney ;) 06:04 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
heres one mother
shes beyond in CLEVELAND, OHIO
a warren. ohio woman suspected of intentionally causing
an insulin overdose for her young diabetic daughter is charged
with assault and child endangering,. the
reports the 6 year old girl was taken in mid march to a
cleveland hospital. where social workers alerted police
that her system had far to much synthetic insulin, which
is used to manage blood suger, police say that can cause
seizures or more serious problems, her mother ,22 year old
Deva young, of warren. has been jailed in Cleveland on
$15,000 bond. court records listed no attorney for her.
her ex husband says in a court affidavit that their
daughter previously was hospitalized for simular incidents,
that affidavit was filed as he sought full custody
of their two children in Trumbull county, ohio.
a judge granted his request.

rodney ;) 05:53 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
in.. oklahoma witch gets life terms for terrorizing
grandchild an oklahoma city woman accused of
terrorizing her 7 year old granddaughter while dressed
as a witch has been sentenced to life in prison,.
the oklahoma reports 51 year old Geneva Robinson
was sentenced thursday to three consecutive life terms..
she pleaded guilty to five counts of felony child abuse
in february, court records say Robinson, who dressed as
Neld to scare her granddaughter. admitted to scratching
the girls neck, striking her face. hitting her hands with a
rolling pin and cutting her hair while she was aleep,
Robinsons boyfriend, joshua Granger, was also sentenced
after pleaded guilty to one count of felony child abuse.
he is expected to serve 30 years in prison,
police say Robinson was arrested in september,. 2014
after taking the malnourished girl to a hospital .

rodney ;) 05:43 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
calm thats you >>>>>>>

calmlikeabomb 05:16 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   

rodney ;) 12:42 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
in, SEVIERILLE,Tenn,, springboro man accused
of preying on underaged girls at cheer competition
the man was arrested happened saturday in tenn at a
cheerleading competition, after police said tha found
incriminating pictures on his camera,
an arrest report from NBC affillate WLWT obtained shows
someone reported a auspicous person at the Sevierville
convention center and officers approached Kazuhiro
fukudome. 45 from spring boro, they said fukudome gave
them permission to look at his camera and they found
photos of several girls competing in the event, including
shots focused on the girls genital areas
police said when they asked him,,, fukudome. told them
he believed a girl in one of the photos was about 14 years old,
following that, investigators seized several of his devices,
fukudome is charged with one count of sexual exploitation
of a minor, online court records show he has bonded out of jail,
springboro school officials said no teams, affiliated

rodney ;) 12:23 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
hosty and calm could be on the show named
dancing with stars

rodney ;) 12:18 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
and we need a draft also send all snote nose punk kids
off to war and i will profit from it

rodney ;) 12:17 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
war of words between the U,S and k korea heats up
hope he tests fires that missle this weekend
so scrap prices hit the roof

rodney ;) 12:15 PM.......Apr 14, 2017   
look hostys purdy silly wearing lipstick and that red ribbon
in his hair ..dancing with calm

Hosty 10:33 AM.......Apr 14, 2017   
finally, after 11 years you guys are catching on now my the both of you ssss

rodney ;) 07:13 PM.......Apr 13, 2017   
and also calm my feet are itching me after sweating
wearin my work boots all today so u can my

rodney ;) 07:03 PM.......Apr 13, 2017   
calm better keep running ill catch u sooner or later

rodney ;) 06:58 PM.......Apr 13, 2017   
i was out all day and lady running out
of her house tha dropped bomb on Afghanistan
mother of all bombs but the number heavily cited
across social media $314 million, was how much the US
military paid for 20 such bombs, technically called
the Massive Ordnance Air Blast one MOAB costs
aBout $16 million. and 20 have been produced
accoring to the military equipment site so now on to drop few them on North Korea
we could have got rid all them bastards today
if the droped that on Korea when all troops were out
when tha were out with over 1.2 million North Korea troops
in the parade showin off there power

calmlikeabomb 05:21 PM.......Apr 13, 2017   
I can talk to rod using emoticons to..hows this.....

Hosty 12:01 PM.......Apr 13, 2017   
rod's getting wiser... he's saying it with emoticons now good job rod

rodney ;) 08:23 PM.......Apr 12, 2017   
calm my i know u like

calmlikeabomb 08:20 PM.......Apr 12, 2017   
take 2 showers ya stinky bastard

rodney ;) 06:18 PM.......Apr 12, 2017   
just waiked in been out all day
now goin take

rodney ;) 06:16 PM.......Apr 12, 2017   
in, vermont, a vermont mother is on trial
for manslaughter in the death of her disabled son who had
vodka poured into his feeding tube thats all
im sayin bout this

calmlikeabomb 03:46 PM.......Apr 12, 2017   

Jimymac 03:41 PM.......Apr 12, 2017   
Yo Rod, I read that hot sauce works really well on hemmies. Give it a try and let us know.

Hosty 02:55 PM.......Apr 12, 2017   
now now winter don't be teasing rod & his hemmies

winter 06:18 AM.......Apr 12, 2017   

rodney ;) 10:21 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
that was on sunday my hemorrholds hurt so
hosty u wont see me on line wensday ill be outside
busy all day i know u will miss me ill be on that night

rodney ;) 10:20 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
my hemorrhoids are sore today after
bending over picking up cut logs to stack all day

rodney ;) 10:04 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
on NGC channel on saturday that be my day rest
again start at 12 noon till 8 pm

rodney ;) 09:55 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
ill be up by 4 am turn washer on then climb back in bed
with dog hang the wash out on line outside by 7 am
i needed today of rest after sunday stacking
firewood all day then monday yards
iv had great day untill damn mormen guys came to door
askin me to join there church like that happen
i told guys im busy my husband wants me take
with me i told two guys u both wanna join
tha left in hurry

rodney ;) 09:47 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
since 5 am iv been watching deadly catch and
still watching i didnt get dressed i had my flip flop house
shoes on all day but wenday tho ill be out

rodney ;) 09:46 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
Hosty ..see

rodney ;) 09:03 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
former WWE wrestler Aiberto EI Patron,,,, aka Alberto Del Rio.
released another periscope video and indicated that he has
been contacted by WWE about a possible return, but
that he dont ever plan on ever, ever, ever, going back
he claims that he is very happy being out of WWE
and that he quit despite the compeny offering him
$75.000 more year and WWE was doing every
thing to try to keep him , he says he wont go back
no matter how much WWE offers him ,

rodney ;) 08:52 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
and former WWE wrestler Nikki Bella is apparently
facing another neck surgery ,,

rodney ;) 08:50 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
the legendary Harley Race turns 74 today
he is the 7 time former NWA world champ

rodney ;) 08:49 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
and the former pro wrestler legendary Larry the Axe Hennig,
, who was just released from the hospital after a nine day stay
and is now back home .

rodney ;) 08:47 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
former wrestler Lisa Marie Varon // Victoria/ Tara
and her husband have closed the Squared Circle restaurant
after only opning it for fours years in Chicago

rodney ;) 08:25 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
thats great the snote nose teen kids should
be home in bed instead out driving round
after midnight i love new ohio law

rodney ;) 08:24 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
tenn driving law changing effective july, 1
drivers under 18 will not be allowed on the road between
midnight and 6 am without a parent or guardian, they
will also not allowed to have more than one non family member
in the car, all of their passengers are required to wear safety
belts if person is caught under age of 18 driving in thos hours
at night tha will lose there Drivers License
for 4 years and $300 fine

rodney ;) 07:17 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
Ric Flair was reportedly kicked out of a bar in Fort Wayne, IN
according to the indy star, he apparently insulted one of
the bartenders by calling him a Fat ass, and lasted mere minutes
befor being kicked out,, an employee at the Deck at the
Gs House in Fort Wayne indicted that Flair was acting
like a Huge moron,..

rodney ;) 07:09 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
sunday,, Finney told police that she was drugged at the time,
she told officers that someone put something in her drink
and she could not remember what happened.
last summer, warren, ohio became the first ohio city
to make bestiality illegal, under the new law, the crime
is considered a misdeanor but would allow for the removel
of the animals untill the end of the investgation or trial,
the law strems from Salvador Rendon. who investigators
say had sex with two dogs at same time
and on multiple times for six years. he was sentenced to 90
days in jail of which were suspended.
police said a 16 year old boy also admitted to having sex
with two dogs at same time in warren ,ohio last year,
but the crimes occurred befor the bestiality law went into effect,

rodney ;) 07:01 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
im sure calm will injoy reading this
in warren, ohio ohio woman arrested, accused of taping
herself having sex and orly sex with dogs for the 3rd time
a woman accused of peroming sexual acts on dogs
pleaded not guilty in court today ,,
Amber Finney is charged with engaging in sexual conduct
with animals. she was arrested sunday night and is
being held in trumbull county jail, Finney was arrested
after workers at Walgreens called 911 to report recognizing
the woman in the store as one who had been on tv for
getting into trouble with animals again,, police said
Finney was found after she ran inside her home on
Ward street, NW, she was hiding in a basement and crying,
accoring to a police report,warren police issued a warrant
for Finneys arrest in january after a video surfaced showing
a woman participating in a sex act with a dog, according
to police.. Finney said the video was fake . but they said
it appears to be real, second part of sto

rodney ;) 06:48 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
from, HAVRE,,MT Montana man complains tax
check saying SEXUAL Favers not cashed
a Montana resident who wrote sexual favers in the memo
line on his check to pay his property taxes is complaing that
the check hasnt been cashed Scott Dion of the city
of Havre says he sent the check for $745.77 to the local
treasurer last November. Dion tells the Billings Gazette that
tax checks he sent in the past with similar memo line
notes have been cashed, Dions lawyer sent a letter to Hill
county treasurer Sandy Brown, saying that not cashing
Dions check amounts to official misconduct and the treasurer
should be prosecuted. county Attorney jessica Cole--Hodgkinson declined to comment on Dions situation specifically.
though she said in general the treasurer cant cash a check
if it is not clear what the funds should be applied too,

rodney ;) 06:37 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
daddy hosty

Hosty 05:15 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
okay, since i won't be in until a little later tonight, i removed your ban rodney. now behave or else

calmlikeabomb 03:45 PM.......Apr 11, 2017   
slow day in the rodneybox wheres my news???

Hosty 08:45 PM.......Apr 10, 2017   
ummm rod... seriously? you get your own box and within days you are calling people names? 24 hour ban bucko... cut it out

rodney ;) 08:01 PM.......Apr 10, 2017   
so tuesday ill be home all day watching deadly catch then
on wensday mow two yards jenn dont be tellin me
that i dont do nothin u bitch ill be pissed off over what
u said me for week

rodney ;) 07:58 PM.......Apr 10, 2017   
bout last night in trive i said lets keep game on till 12 midnight
then jenn opens her goddam mouth
she said well some people have work monday noooo ..shit
she thought i be sleepin in today i say F u jenn
i knew what fuc i was goig do all ready last night
for monday so she pissed me off all fuc day i even told folks
i mow yards for tha said oh screw her i said i would not
touch her with 25 foot pole today first i
i brought up all water founton parts then took while
to put it all tothother then after that it was 7.45 am
i went on to usin waiker mower trimming
for over 2 hours then mowed ladys yard
then went on mowed nother then got back home
by 12 noon for lunch then i got all garden hoses out barn
got them all hooked up then went up street trimmed yard then mowd it by 3.00 pm i went to samsclub then got back
tilled half my garden and i just waiked in 7;30 pm
and jenn dont be tellin me that i dont do nothin u bitch
so tu

Jimymac 01:22 PM.......Apr 10, 2017   
no worries da Mexicans are paying for da wall

Vice-President Pence 09:25 AM.......Apr 10, 2017   
yo bitch, Donald, I to'd you mutha don' be payin' dat Rodney nada... we be savin' up fer dat wall, dude

calmlikeabomb 01:56 AM.......Apr 10, 2017   

Rodney;) 08:22 PM.......Apr 9, 2017   
from.. Dayton, ohio father, son shoot each other
in arument over who waiks the family dog ,, police , say

a family fatally injured his son when an argument over
who would waik familys dog, turned into a shootout
sunday moring. police found the 43 year old father
and his 22 year old son injured from multiple gunshot wounds
after being called to their home around 8.30 am , in
the Burnsside neighborhood in the citys south side..
the man.. who have not been identified,. were both taken
to the hospital where the son was pronounced dead.
the father is in critical condition.. on life support. .. police say

Rodney;) 06:23 PM.......Apr 9, 2017   
why thank u Mister President im sure that Hosty
will do as hes told after u send him that Email

President Trump 06:20 PM.......Apr 9, 2017   
my friend rodney u are doing a very wonderful job here
and u are over due for an Award i think that Hosty
should also give u mod power and i will send an Email
asking Hosty to give u mod power

rodney ;) 05:35 PM.......Apr 9, 2017   
and my cucumbers are up in starter trays there kind that grow
10 to 15 inches long size of my dick

rodney ;) 05:31 PM.......Apr 9, 2017   
just waiked in out early chain saws started at 7 am
3 guys throwing logs closer to spliter for half an hour
then other two guys using chain saws i was stacking
got lot done today airbase slowed down sending out C17s
only seen 4 today flyin out base unlike saturday one after other C17 flying out base im sure it pick up tonight
C17s be flying out so monday put my tall water founton out and dont u laff hosty or ill have to u
befor i waiked in while go i was out in greenhouse and
son of i turn round and my elbo hit corner
of one my starter seed trays that was on shelf
it fell behind the shelf and potting soil went every where
there were tommtos that grow 3 to 5 lbs each and
the plants were 4 inches tall so ill have go get more
seed monday i still have plenty of time start
the seed tray all over

rodney ;) 10:05 PM.......Apr 8, 2017   
im goin make nice profit off all this

rodney ;) 10:04 PM.......Apr 8, 2017   
scrap prices been going up since tha bombed Syria
once tha hit North Korea prices go up even more

rodney ;) 10:02 PM.......Apr 8, 2017   
thats why every time U,S bombs a country tha
send out C.17 Globemasters from airbase with

rodney ;) 10:00 PM.......Apr 8, 2017   
im so Right U,S Navy strike group to move
toward Korean peninsula from U.S official and
unnamed official says there been 2 more submarines
that left VA base fully loaded tha left this afternoon
each sub can carry up too 100 Tomahawks there only 10 feet long at 1000 lbs each

calmlikeabomb 08:38 PM.......Apr 8, 2017   

rodney ;) 07:07 PM.......Apr 8, 2017   
oh there so purdy flying over but if one them C-17s
ever crashed people on ground sure would be dead
for sure