rodney ;) 5263     05:23 PM.......Sep 22, 2017   
today i went to the old timers farm trackor festival that was good i got to sit in the john deere trackor
behind the seat was area a a toilet a sink
littie stove a fridg trackor was only $580.000

rodney ;) 5262     05:18 PM.......Sep 22, 2017   
READ TO BELIEVE, Clark county. ohio chicken coop chase, u.s marshals and the clark county sheriffs department were sreving a warrant at a western clark county farmhouse friday moring when a suspect decided to make his arrest difficult,
jamie back, who was wanted for six counts of breaking and entering, immediately fled his residence when he spotted the authorities, accourding to the u,s marshals office, back then led both departments on a 45 minute chase through his chicken coop and a cow pasture befor eventually jumping intothe mad river, u,s marshals and deputies then entered the river and dragged back to the shore where they arrested him
back is currently in custody at the clark county jail and faces additional charges for fleeing from police

rodney ;) 5261     05:03 PM.......Sep 22, 2017   
a budget shortfall sparked a call for toilet paper donations at schools in washinton state accourding to the kent Education Association, due to the kent school disrict budget crisis, some schools have been unable to purchase paper goods, read a flyer, which was distributed to parents, Educators are working to take some of the pressure off of the schools budget by collecting necessary paper supplies, one line printed on the flyer reads the end is near .. suggesting the schools. serving nearly 28.000 students, could run out of toilet paper donations are being accepted at kent schools oct,,9 through 12. addition to toilet paper. constructon paper. paper towels, reams of copy paper and facial tissue are being accepted

calmlikeabomb 5260     08:57 PM.......Sep 21, 2017   
well he is a giants fan but that doesn't make him a ''fag'' in and of itself..titans first place giants still in last place...facts!

rodney ;) 5259     07:15 PM.......Sep 21, 2017   
jimy are u a Fag

Jimymac 5258     08:44 AM.......Sep 21, 2017   
Rod what is your view on "fags"

rodney ;) 5257     06:18 PM.......Sep 20, 2017   
he expressed his religious viwes on facebook, saying he just dont like Fags , east Lansing says venders must follow its civil rights ordinance, which bars discrimination, but the judge says tennes can return to the market, which runs through october, while his lawsuit proceeds

rodney ;) 5256     06:14 PM.......Sep 20, 2017   
heres good one in east Lansing, mich, judge, city wrong to bar farmer over views, a judge has ordered a mich city to make room again for an apple grower who was barred from a seasonal market because he dont allow gay couples to get married at his farm, which is a very popular wedding spot, federal judge paul maloney grandted an injunction friday, saying east Lansing likely violated the religious and free speech rights of steve tennes, tennes had been a popular apple dealer at the city--run market untill officials learned he dont allow gay couples to get married at his eaton county farm,

rodney ;) 5255     06:05 PM.......Sep 20, 2017   
from. WATERBURY.CONN police in connecticut have charged a man they say intentionally ran over and killed 13 canada geese the Republican--American reports that Anthony jackson, of waterbury, faces 13 counts of animal cruelty and other charges in connection with the deaths on june,11. of two adult geese and 11 goslings, the deaths left blood and feathers spread across a waterbury road . investigators found a rear bumper and license plate in the area the geese were killed, the car to which they belonged was found abandoned in a park days later,.police determined that the 27 year old jackson was driving when the geese were killed, jackson, who is free on $25.000 cash bond, denies running over the geese, saying someone stole the car the night befor they were killed .

rodney ;) 5254     05:51 PM.......Sep 20, 2017   
mattthew if u looking for its all u
knowing u matt u probby own that site

rodney ;) 5253     05:49 PM.......Sep 20, 2017   
and matthew just wants peek in my weird news
bout guys that jerk off in hosp purdy sad if thats all guy has to do

rodney ;) 5252     05:48 PM.......Sep 20, 2017   
calm in the Ric Flair taiks all bout
years of Alcohol abuse contributing to recent health issues
i looked at it damn its good check it out calm

calmlikeabomb 5251     04:59 PM.......Sep 20, 2017   
what is all this matthew bs on the rodneybox??

rodney ;) 5242     07:27 PM.......Sep 19, 2017   
accourding to a story in the Tampa Bay times.
Booby Heenan passed away at age of 73 after
suffering from organ failure as a result of his
battle with cancer

rodney ;) 5241     02:08 PM.......Sep 19, 2017   
and reports are now coming out about guy in dayton, ohio at the hosp in the birthing area, he was caught jerking off in a chair in the waiting area. hes been banned from few hosps over years for jerkin off in the birthing area of the hosp more details coming soon only best storys for u hosty

rodney ;) 5240     02:06 PM.......Sep 19, 2017   
only the true bestest weird storys for hosty to injoy reading from. BAYTON. TX A tx woman is accused of shooting her boyfriend in the head, cutting up his body with a macete and dumping him into a dumpster, police said,clerra Alexis sutton, 30, has been charged with the death of steven coleman,
bayton police investigators say sutton shot coleman in the head while he was sleeping after an argument, investigators said sutton dismembered his body with a machete because he was too heavy to carry, sutton wrapped colemans body parts in a bed sheet and put them in multiple dumpsters, she reported coleman as missing to police a few days later, investigators said, she told police she had not heard from him in days, investigators said they suspected foul play when colemans two vehicles were still parked at the apartment complex,

rodney ;) 5239     01:54 PM.......Sep 19, 2017   
from, cinn ohio mother who faked sons cancer, may face jail, im a good mother she says a judge in cinn says he needs more information befor sentencing a woman who was accused of falsely claiming her young son had terminal cancer. having his head shaved. fraudulently fundraising for him. and pretending to be a docter the cinn Enquirer reports 40 year old Monika burgetts sentencing is delayed untill at least november because a hamilton county judge wants more details about the counseling that lawyers say burgett needs burgett says shes a good mother who would not harm her kids. she says she tryed therapy to deal with repeatedly misrepresenting herself,she could face jail time after being convicted last month of misdemeanor child endangering and felony telecommunications fraud, testimony indicated her now 5 year old son has a genetic condition that causes benign growths, hes living with his father in Austin, tx

rodney ;) 5238     01:41 PM.......Sep 19, 2017   
in, philadelphia, two police officers revived a pregnant woman who overdosed twice within 45 minutes in phila.
the southheastern penn transportation Authority officers were patrolling the Allegheny station on monday when they found the unconscious woman, the officers administered Narcan, she regained consciousness and refused additional treatment,
the officers spotted the woman again slumped over 45 minutes later,the woman was in the later stages of pregnancy, accourding to the CBS affillate in phila . she was taken to a hosp. there no word on her condition

rodney ;) 5237     01:35 PM.......Sep 19, 2017   
theres so much true news i cant keep up with all that if i did hosty be saying posting i cant keep up reading all crazy news slow down

calmlikeabomb 5236     07:49 PM.......Sep 17, 2017   
Rodney bobby the brain heenan has died

rodney ;) 5235     07:32 PM.......Sep 16, 2017   
florida man accused of signing gibberish during irma news conference, a sign language iterpreter is accused of being a phony after signing the words pizza and monster during a news conference to announce an emergency evacuation order, manatee county officials received criticism from the deaf community after the amateur was caught signing giggerish during the sept,8 news conference,the county said it was in a pinch and used a county lifeguard, marshall green, for help,after reports that the signing made no sence, greens family defended the man, saying he cant expect to communicate somthing he dont know,
the deaf communtiy is still outraged and wants an apology from manatee county officials they feel this was way too dangerous and put lives ar risk

rodney ;) 5234     07:22 PM.......Sep 16, 2017   
they been renting out the house to paranormal investigators and other ghost lovers for a few hundred dollers a night, the husband even helps in the ghost hunting. but he only halfway belives in ghosts. he said, and hes no longer interested in being a part time ghost hunter,the kirchoffs are selling the house for $99.900. but phil kirchoff said he refuses to let the house be sold to somebody who wants to demolish it, instead,. he said he like the house to contnue to be a haunted house business or become a paranormal research center,tha have not gotten any offers on the house. but a few people are very interested, if your brave enough to buy it, they warned against removing anything from the house, spirits are attached to their belongings, after all.

rodney ;) 5233     07:15 PM.......Sep 16, 2017   
texas couple accidentally buys haunted house and now its on the market three years ago, a north texas couple wanted to purchase a nice littie house to remodel as a family project, accourding to Guidelive, that didnt exactly go accourding to plan, phil and kim kirchoff own the haunted hill house in mineral wells, texas, they said neighbors told them it was a known loction of crazy paranormal activity befor they bought it, neighbors said theres a female ghost who hums happily in the kitchen. a ghost child named joshua who has conversations with house guests and ghost chidren who get on your back and sit beside you, phil kirchoff said,sont worry, the kirchoffs dont live in the house. so the spooky friends arent bothering them, pam kirchoff dont even go near the house, , her husband said,

Hosty 5232     03:08 PM.......Sep 15, 2017   
sounds don't work here calm only emotes

calmlikeabomb 5227     02:03 PM.......Sep 15, 2017   
wtf emotes and gifs don't work here.. nice shout box Rodney

calmlikeabomb 5226     02:03 PM.......Sep 15, 2017   
http:// pics/bangles.gif

calmlikeabomb 5225     02:02 PM.......Sep 15, 2017   

Jimymac 5224     10:30 AM.......Sep 15, 2017   
Wow free FedEx overnight delivery! Sign me up!

rodney ;) 5219     08:40 PM.......Sep 14, 2017   
when police officers arrived, the child was not breathing and had no pulse the newspaper reported, first responders resuscitated the baby, but it is unclear what neurological damage he may have suffered from the lack of oxygen, after birth,the baby is in stable condition at Lucile packard childrens hosp, in palo Alto the times said,along with the attempted murder charge, Lockner is charged with felony child abuse and inflicting great bodily injury she is being held in lieu of $11 million cash only bond

rodney ;) 5218     08:35 PM.......Sep 14, 2017   
shes from cali a cali woman has been charged with attempted murder, after police say she gave birth at work and tried to flush her newborn son down the toilet.sarah jane Lockner, 25 was working as a cashier at a McDonalds restaurant in redwood city the night of sept.4 when she complained of stomach pain, Lockner, of redwood city went to the restroom sevral times which concerned a co-worker,when the co.worker went to check on Lockner, she found blood on the restroom floor, san mateo county prosectors said Lockner tried to blame a heavy period for the mess,a second co-worker joined them in the restroom, however, and peered over the wall of Lockners stall,
she saw the newborn face down in the toilet prosecutors told the times, they allege that Lockner had her hand on the infants back and the other women heard the toilet flush. its a real sad story, its a real sad story. san mateo county District attorney steve wagstaffs told the san Francisco chronicle,. she said she didnt know she was pregnan

rodney ;) 5217     06:53 PM.......Sep 14, 2017   
former AWA world champ otto wanz
dies at age of 74 it was just reported he passed away
on sep, 14

rodney ;) 5216     05:41 PM.......Sep 13, 2017   
from. minneapolis, minn a minn police officer accused of using a position of authority to repeatedly assault a 16 year girl has been placed on unpaid leave officer David Edward campbell.59. is charged with five felony counts of criminal sexual conduct and one count of felony terroristic threats,on tuesday, chief medaria arradondo released a statement saying he had relieved this employee of duty without pay on monday, he said he received the criminal complaint outlining the charges against campbell. a 26 year veteran of the force, on tuesday,according to the criminal complaint, officer campbell used theats and coercion to have sexual contact with a teen girl, who was known to him,. on several occasions over a period of months, the girl eventually reported the sexual abuse to her school social worker, and police began investigating on sept,7.the complaint states that around february, campbell bought bras and underwear for the teen and then began requesting pictures of her wearing them. which sh

rodney ;) 5215     04:18 PM.......Sep 13, 2017   
from. clark county,ohio a clark county man accused of planting a camera in a couples bedroom to watch them undress was sentenced today .theodore Galbreath, 64, pleaded guilty to voyeurism in august after a woman found the camera hidden in her bedroom in december, Galbreath had a chance to withdraw his giulty plea wensday because the court failed to inform him that he must register as a tier one sex offender for the next 15 years, he chose to keep his guilty plea.the judge sentenced Galbeath to 90 days in jail with 60 days suspended and a $750 fine and court costs, the gudge also ordered him not to have contact with the victims, to have no similar offenses and to register as a tier one sex offender. Galbeath defense attorney requested to schedule a time for him to report to jail so he could say goodbye to his family but that was denied.

rodney ;) 5214     09:05 PM.......Sep 12, 2017   
and the second best in the all pro japan wrestling kenny Omega taiks bout problems with wwe developmental feeling very sabotaged, he told triple H piss on WWE hes headin back to all japan wrestling where he belongs hes not goin be told how to do his wrestling matches in WWE so he says screw them and the story lines . kenny said in japan wrestling there no storylines no fake matches hes right i hope some day kenny can become the IWGP champ beat Okada

rodney ;) 5213     08:59 PM.......Sep 12, 2017   
the WWE lady wrestler Maryse she is pregnant
.................... .................... .................... .................... ...
the big shows hip replacement surgery is booked for september,29
.................... .................... .................... .................... .........
and nother wwe lady wrestler christy hemme said shes currently pregnant with quadruplets,

rodney ;) 5212     08:49 PM.......Sep 12, 2017   
and sutton refused to resign, he deceived us all. it looks like he even used a reputation management firm to make sure we would not find out who he is hes also a member of the
knights of Columbus

rodney ;) 5211     08:45 PM.......Sep 12, 2017   
Florida GOP officials find themselfs in an unsual position after they learned that a newly elected member of the brown county executive board was once charged with attempted murder in connection with the brutal claw hammer attack of a female classmate at his cali prep school. rupert tarsey.28 was elected secretary of the broward county GOP chapter four months ago.
accourding to the miami Haraid, his new position came into question after a fellow member made the discovery earler this month ,that member informed the broward county GOP chairman bob sutton about tarseys past over the labor day weekend

rodney ;) 5210     07:09 PM.......Sep 10, 2017   

winter 5209     06:33 PM.......Sep 10, 2017   

rodney ;) 5208     10:20 PM.......Sep 9, 2017   
an iowa toddler is heatlhy and thriving more than a year after his mother dumped him in a hosp trash can ashley hautzenrader, 24 was at the university of iowa hosp in iowa city, with her ill daughter, ahnna, in may,2016 when she unexpectedly gave birth to a boy, matthew, kwqc in davenport, reported that hautzenrader tried to flush the newborn down the toilet and, when that didnt work. wrapped him in a pillowcase and a bag and left him in a trsh can hautzenrader was intially charged with attempted murder. but last month made an alford plea on charges of neglect or abandonment of a dependent person, a felony, and misdemeanor child endangerment, in an alford plea, the defendant does not admit guilt, but concedes that the prosecuttion has enough evidence to prove its case

rodney ;) 5207     10:06 PM.......Sep 9, 2017   
hurrican irma, Kenny chesney loses island home nothing left

rodney ;) 5206     10:05 PM.......Sep 9, 2017   
an electrical worker on a job in Arkansas made an unsual discovery earler this week, he found a two--headed rattlesnake outside a home in forrest city,the man identified by Arkansas online as woodruff Electric emplyee Rodney kelso, said he found the snake sunning itself outside a home, the 11-- inch timber rattlesnake was found off Arkansas highway, 284 with two other snakes that appeared normal looking,kelso donned a pair of gloves after finding the two headed serpant and put it in a box to bring to forrest L. wood crowleys Ridge nature center. in jonesboro,kelso, operations director at woodruff Electric, told Arkansas online that he has never seen anything like the snake in his 50 years in the area,it does happen from time to time in nature, cody waiker, education program specialist at the nature center, tha usually they die from compilications.

calmlikeabomb 5205     08:43 PM.......Sep 8, 2017   
Rodney. big show needs that surgery because I kicked his ass

rodney ;) 5204     09:32 PM.......Sep 7, 2017   
in wrestling news the big show... paul white. hes heading for hip surgery,

rodney ;) 5203     09:25 PM.......Sep 7, 2017   
at 14 ohio woman married 48 year old man. says she would do it again.advocates for for stricter marriages law says ohio is setting young girls up for failure, possble exploitation,
tessi wright was 14 and pregnant on dec,2 2002 when her mother and father, donald and brenda whight and gaiiia county judge william s, medley all gave their approval for her to marry richard, e siders, the groom is 14, the siders marriage is an extreme example of what is a fairly common occurrence in ohio, underage teenagers getting married, a dayton daily news investigtion found 4.443 girls age 17 or younger were married in ohio between 2000 and 2015. including 59 who were 15 and younger,three ----including wright-were 14 state records show,
that effectictively means there is no legal minmum age for marriage in ohio. just last month a 47 year old man married a 7 year old girl in brown county ohio

rodney ;) 5202     09:12 PM.......Sep 7, 2017   
police, man vandalized cars because he was upset over breakup over girlfriend , Austin wilmers, 22 is a suspect in 16 car vanalism cases that happened in late august, the maricopa county sheriffs office told azcentral, car owners reported having their tires slashed fuel lines cut and windows smashed. approximately $5000 in damage has been reported to police,Austin wilmers to victims, i am sorry that because of my actions your lives are now affected financially.wilmers was arrested monday, he allegedly admitted to vandalizing the cars because he just broke up with his girlfrield wilmers apologized for his actions in a letter,

rodney ;) 5201     08:59 PM.......Sep 7, 2017   
from colorado a homeless man in colorado was issued a citation for animal cruelty after allegedly getting a puppy drunk, police said, the puppy an 11 week old shepherd mix named stella Luna, was brought to an emergency veterinary clinic in the Boulder area friday night and treated for alcohol poisoning the Daily camera reported. police said the dog may have ingested beer,liquar and mouthwash. but more testing is necessary to detmine what intoxicants were in the animals system,the dogs owner. scott o, Neal, received a citation for animal crueity sunday,the puppy is recovering and is in the custoty of the humane society of Boulder vally.

Jimymac 5200     03:49 PM.......Sep 6, 2017   
Yo Ralphie, Go jerkoff and report back on how your Cialis works after shooting a wad

Ted Budny 5198     08:08 AM.......Sep 6, 2017   
Hey can I hang out with you guys too?

Charles Manson 5197     08:08 AM.......Sep 6, 2017   
Hey Rodney let's hang out one night in Cali.

rodney ;) 5196     08:02 PM.......Sep 5, 2017   
hosty,,,,,,,,,, father your all ways invited to come on in to say helloo to me

rodney ;) 5195     08:01 PM.......Sep 5, 2017   
and please no more hollywood stars or wrestling stars stay out my SB plase

rodney ;) 5194     05:20 PM.......Sep 5, 2017   
news in pro wrestling once again
Beautiful bobby Dean, died unexpected monday he was son
of the great Lord littie brook

rodney ;) 5193     05:11 PM.......Sep 5, 2017   
and winter also tell Angelina to go F her self and say Rodney said that

rodney ;) 5192     05:09 PM.......Sep 5, 2017   
Robbers pick wrong bar two men who police said robbed a pub in woodlawn, maryland may not have expected it to be full of police officers, Baltmore county police have two suspects in custody who they said robbed a pub. aug,29 at gunpoint,the armed suspects waiked in to monaghans pub a littie befor, tuesday, aug,29, it turns out that the pub was hosting a police officers retirement party with 75 off duty officers in attendance, im sure that they werent planning on there being a large room filled with police officers, Baltmore county police officer jennifer peach said , investigators said two men entered the take out portion of the restaurant and held an employee up at gunpoint,

rodney ;) 5191     05:02 PM.......Sep 5, 2017   
winter and also tell Angelina i think she has sex with

rodney ;) 5190     04:45 PM.......Sep 5, 2017   
winter u tell Angelina to eat and then roll over and die

winter 5189     02:11 PM.......Sep 5, 2017   
rod Angelina emailed me, said you was mean to her in here.. I think she hired an attorney

rodney ;) 5188     06:54 PM.......Sep 4, 2017   
if there was goin to be attack on North Korea then air base here be flying out supplys none stop i was out all day i didnt see any cargos fly over today that might change in coming days and i know few guys that work in supply biulding at air base
i taiked to one guys he was home putting up new sideing on his house he told me hes on 24/7 on call this hoilday weekend but he not had call go in

rodney ;) 5187     06:44 PM.......Sep 4, 2017   
angelina jolie u dumb witch

angelina jolie 5186     08:41 PM.......Sep 3, 2017   
can you tell me how to get to the PSB? I hear that's the best place to be.

rodney ;) 5185     07:54 PM.......Sep 3, 2017   
Ric flair posted on his facebook page
im back thanks to everyone for the support these past couple
weeks. i Aint Dead Yet Mother F..ckers Wooooo

rodney ;) 5184     07:51 PM.......Sep 3, 2017   
my SB is lot more popular then that hole politcal SB at least superstars come visit my site here

winter 5183     12:32 PM.......Sep 3, 2017   
sad that anyone would know as many wrestlers like Rodney does

Ric Flair 5182     10:44 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   

The Road Warriors 5181     10:13 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   

Jerry Lawler 5180     10:11 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   

Bill Dundee 5179     10:11 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   

Tojo Yamamoto 5178     10:09 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   

Jimmy Hart 5177     10:08 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   

Hosty 5176     10:05 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   

Steve Austin 5175     10:05 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   

rodney ;) 5174     08:38 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
hosty are u reading this

rodney ;) 5173     08:37 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
the woman who pulled out the gun carries a concealed pistol license valid in the state of mich. the gun was loaded, but there was no round in the chamber, no charges filed .. the other woman left walmart not looking back

rodney ;) 5172     08:35 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
woman pulls gun during school supply shopping dispute at walmart a michigan woman pulled out a 9,mm over a school shopping dispute at walmart,the incident took place monday at a walmart in novi, michigan, novi , police det scott baetens told wibk that the dispute was over a notebook in the back to school aisle, there was only one notebook left and two shoopers were attempting to claim it when a verbal argument turned into pushing and shoving. and ulimately one woman pulls out her 9, mm and said bitch that notebooks mine customers and staff scattred after the gun was branddished, as can be seen in the video,

rodney ;) 5171     08:25 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
parents upset about KKK hood prank at highschool
parents in new mexico said they are upset about a doctored photo that circulated on social media last week , in which white hoods associated with the Ku Ku Klun were added to students heads , parents said the doctored photo was of a class juniors at volcano vista high school, all but three students received the white hood treatment in the photo, the three students who are not black. parents said, KKK photo parents at volcano vista sat suspending the students behind the phto is not enough mary morrow webb, the mother of one of the black students, told koat that the photo was appalling and disgusting while the principal sent a note home to parents, calling the prank, repugnant, and hateful, parents feel the students who doctored the photo and shared it on social media deserve punishment beyond the susensions they received,

rodney ;) 5170     07:36 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
impeach trump. says billboard near mar--a lago

rodney ;) 5169     07:33 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
from. Lawrenceville, Georgia man kills wife after she wouldnt have sex with him. after yamilet Rodriguez vences refused to have sex with her husband. she waiked out of their apartment and said she would come back to take their childern with her in the moring. a week later on oct,15 2015 yamilet killed her

rodney ;) 5168     07:26 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
student spends thousands after accidentally given $1M in financial aid a university student in south Africa received an extraordinary amount of financial aid by mistake $1 million worth.
and spent more than $60.000 of it. befor authorities realized the error

rodney ;) 5167     07:22 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
Astronomers pick up radio signals from space.
a series of unexplained radio signals were discovered from a source in a galaxy three billion light years away

rodney ;) 5166     07:20 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
Audit, Delaware city paid pension of dead woman for 20 years a woman who had been dead for nearly 20 years continued to receive pension checks from the treasurers office in wilmington, Delaware that amounted to nearly $73.000.
accourding to a city audit obtained by the newspaper. the unnamed pensioner received spousel benefits,

rodney ;) 5165     07:09 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
moments after a 23 year old FL woman stabbed a man during an argument thursday. her alleged victim drove himself to a hosp with a knife still lodged in his back, deputies arrested johnni murphy of fort pierve on one count of aggravated battery alleging that she stabbed a man during an argument over social meddia postings and missing medication, he was treated and released. the man told deputies he argued with murphy over facebook postings and because he believed she had hidden his medication, the man found the medication in the bedroom and was retrieving it when murphy stabbed him in the lower middle part of his back,

rodney ;) 5164     05:33 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   

calmlikeabomb 5163     04:47 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
rod u didn't give me props for being number 1 on the pwi top 500.. it was the same day I beat both hulk Hogan and stone cold in the same match at wrestlemania

rodney ;) 5162     03:38 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
father acquitted of murder in childs hot car death,
the father of 13 children who was acquitted friday of all charges in the hot car death of his 6 month old son has a message to thoses who still think hes a murderer, lance willams told kcci that people can say bad things about him on facebook, but that they should also advocate for legislation,. willams belives that a car with a built in baby monitor could have saved the life of his son, tyrese.willams was facing murder charge stemming from the june.11.2016. incident, willams said he accidentally left tyrese in his car, went inside his barber shop and fell sleep. when he awoke he raced outside to his car,. but he could not revive his son.
judge micael huppert cleared willams of all charges, saying the state failed to show that willams acted in a knowing or reckless manner,

rodney ;) 5161     03:27 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
texans are now allowed to openly tecarry swords in public
texans earned the ability to open carry swords on friday when a new law allowing residents to bring their blades longer than 5.5 inches in most public places went into effect ,. in addition to swords adults in the lone star state will be permitted to carry famous jim bowie knife as well as daggers, dirts. throwing knives. stilettos, ponlards, machetes, and spears. the new law. which was introduced by Republican state rep, john frullo, was met with resistance after a university of texas student was killed and three others wounded by a suspect who had been wielding a hunting knife, however. the state legisiature compromised by making the blades location resticted

rodney ;) 5160     03:18 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
Georgia officer who said, we only shoot black people, will be fired , a white police lieutenant in cobb county Georgia, who told a woman during a traffic stop that we only shoot black people will be fired,.

calmlikeabomb 5159     02:11 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
rod idk who okada is but I'm fine with him being 1.. ahh I remember when I was number 1 on pwi top 500

Hosty 5158     12:26 PM.......Sep 2, 2017   
sorry about your mom, rod

rodney ;) 5157     07:41 PM.......Sep 1, 2017   
jerry springer is goin run for ohio gover

rodney ;) 5156     07:40 PM.......Sep 1, 2017   
new post office tool lets you see the mail you receive while away labor day travelers will be able to see what will arrive in their mailboxes while their away this weekend, thanks to a new online feature from the US, postal service,. informed Delivery lets residents see what is arriving in there mailboxes by sening them digital previews of their envelopes and postcards, accourding to USPS, the images can be viwed via email notifcations or accessed through an online dashboard,. www.informeddelivery
the online feature already has more than 5 million users nationwide and has received high marks,. around 96 percent of users said they are satisfied with the new features and 95 percent check their notifications almost every day,

rodney ;) 5155     06:54 PM.......Sep 1, 2017   
i can see calm now over this one
the latest Pro wrestling lllustrated top 500 list
for the first time EVER the IWGP all pro wrestling champ
Kazuchika Okada

rodney ;) 5154     03:56 PM.......Sep 1, 2017   
went to see mom at nuring home took bag of bird seed filled up the two bird feeders out side her window she injoys watching birds
and filled up the bird suiet feeder shes so weak stays in her bed watches tv takes 2 people get out out bed to bath room and shes has them dress her she cant waik any more

AJ LEE 5153     09:52 PM.......Aug 31, 2017   

AJ LEE 5152     09:52 PM.......Aug 31, 2017   
calm kisses my ass crack

rodney ;) 5151     06:13 PM.......Aug 31, 2017   
calm my up the crack u no good son of

calmlikeabomb 5150     09:48 PM.......Aug 30, 2017   

rodney ;) 5149     07:18 PM.......Aug 30, 2017   
jenn all i want is u

rodney ;) 5148     12:57 PM.......Aug 30, 2017   
today i cleaned two sweepers and cleaned my water fountion
real pain in and grilled hambers out on grill