rodney ;) 5054     05:54 PM.......Jul 25, 2017   
i had post this because hosty likes storys like this
from. dayton. ohio police arrested a man with a colostomy bag after he robbed a circle k sunday

rodney ;) 5053     09:18 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
im slowin down by this time i would been to over 16 festivels iv only done 6 so far county fairs are starting up ill go to like 3 instead of 9 its not because of money or anything like that people ask me all fuc time lets go i say no ill stay home like i did all sunday layed on sofo watched bar rescue now that aug is coming there are lots festivals i will go to
that i injoy butterfly festival , sweetcorn festivals
bluegrass music festival then in sep apple festival and apple butter festival

rodney ;) 5052     09:11 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
today i got all that done so tuesday be wash day ,, wensday statefair on first day there having it then back again on saturday

rodney ;) 5051     09:08 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
the website co founder please for help says the site may shut down for good .

rodney ;) 5050     08:57 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
from. palm beach FL. woman chokes pit bull in front of restaurant staff,, patrons. police say a 40 year old FL keys woman is behind bars after restaurant employees watched her abuse her two dogs and even taped one incident, state prosecutors said jillian M Gotti repeatedly was seen choking her pit bull serenity and abuseing her other dog, Gizmo, a pomeranian mix. outside the turtle kraais restaurant in downtown key west.
one incident on may,6 eas reported by several workers and a restaurant patron, a restaurant employee also told deputies they saw her abuse the dogs befor . according to the july arrest report, she also was seen hitting her pit bull in the face and leaving her dogs in a boat for hours out in the sun, she was booked into the stock island Detention center and later released on a $5.000 bond

rodney ;) 5049     08:46 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
weird news from as far as japan coming soon in English
i know that hosty will injoy reading

rodney ;) 5048     08:44 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
Baptist pastor charged in prostitution sting. resigns from texas church a texas pastor was arrested after deputies said he paid $80 to an undercover sheriffs deputy for sexual activities, Eddie Hillburn, of woodland first Baptist church in montgomery county,, texes was arrested wensday and charged with prostitution. i can tell you now that Eddie has resigned and his resignation has been accepted, please pray for Eddie, Lisa and his family. we are committed to helping them all move forward in the best way possible/, the church said on its facebook page, the churches website, said Hillburn, 52, joined their organization in 2012, but the information has since been removed,

rodney ;) 5047     07:00 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
from FL a dog died after being left in a hot car while its owner cleaned condos on saturday afternoon, Angela Delandra Rogers, 29, of Banks, Alabama, , left her 2 year old chihuahua in a nylon bag inside her 2014 chevrolet captiva while cleaning condos at the calypso condominiums in panama city beach,. there was no food or water inside the car, the vehicle was not running. authorities received a call about the dog around 12.30. pm and responded to find it inside the vehicle was not running and had the windows cracked about an inch, by the time they were able to remove the dog, it had died, Rogers, who was not found untill serveral hours after the incident. was arrested, charged with aggravated animal cruelty and taken to the bay county jail, when questioned about the incident, Rogers told police she left the dog in the car while she cleaned condos.

rodney ;) 5046     06:47 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
a grand jury came back with indicements on july,12 for both women, who turned themselfs in over the weekend.
thacker was charged with dozen counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. click. was arrested on 33 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

rodney ;) 5045     06:44 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
from, tenn nurses accused of stealing patients pain pills for themselfs, two tenn nurses are facing charges
after state investigators said they diverted prescription pain pills away from their patients and to themselfs instead for more than a year the nurses identified as sarah thacker,31. and kimberly click,42 came to the attention of the tenn bureau of investigation in feb after special agents got a pair of tips from the tenn department of health. investigators were told on feb,8th that thacker, a registered nurse at the johnson city medical center and franlkin woods hosp. was susected of using her job to get hyrocodone pills prescribed to patients, authorities believe she started diverting the pills in sep, 2015 and continued untill at least jan, 2017. later that month on feb,27th, the health department again contacted TBI to report that click, a registered nurse at the john medical center. was also suspected of fraudulently obtaining pills for her personal use. .

rodney ;) 5044     06:33 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   
from, Mi police arrested a 22 year old man sunday after several people reported that he was naked and chasing seagulls on a popual beach in northern michigan, according to multiple reports, the Ann Arbor resident, whose name was not released pending his arrainment, was spotted around3 pm. sunday at Petoskey state park,. in a news release obtained by the newspaper, state troopers said witnesses reported that the naked man chased seagulls on the public beach running to a parking lot and dove into it as though he were diving into water . troopers said the man might have taken LSD befor authorities were called. the man screamed at and theatened a trooper who tryed to arrest him, but he eventually calemed down and police apprehended him, officials took him to a hosp for treatment of the injuries he suffered when he jumped into the parking lot.

AJ LEE 5043     04:43 PM.......Jul 24, 2017   

rodney ;) 5042     02:49 PM.......Jul 22, 2017   
Actor john Heard, best known for playing the father in the
home alone series, has died, he was 72
his death was confirmed by the santa Clara medical Exaaminers office in cali on saturday, TMZ reported that Hread, who lived in southern cali, was found at a palo Alto, cali hotel where he was recovering from back surgery, Heard played peter McCallister, the father of Keven, played by MaCaulay Culkin,. in home alone and home alone 2. lost in new york, he earned an Emmy nomination for a guest role as a corrupt police detective in the sopranos. Heard also played tom Hanks rival in the movie Big, he was briefly married to follow actor Margot Kidder

rodney ;) 5041     10:56 AM.......Jul 22, 2017   
i might have said that

winter 5040     06:04 AM.......Jul 22, 2017   
did rod say he wanted to rub calms balls?

Jimymac 5039     12:55 PM.......Jul 21, 2017   
I'll buy you a turkey leg if you video yourself sticking it up ur ass and send it to calm.

rodney ;) 5038     11:52 AM.......Jul 21, 2017   
im goin to state fair next week so could any of u be so kind and sweet to donate to me expect hosty because i know he dont have any thing to give me , wel at fair ill have huge turkey leg

Hosty 5037     11:26 AM.......Jul 21, 2017   
rod's a pussy?

rodney ;) 5036     09:21 AM.......Jul 21, 2017   
oh screw u jim
this poison ivy wont go away even after i spent $33.66 cents on
ZANFEL so today im goin to doc get shot
im a pussy i cant take pain

Jimymac 5035     08:43 AM.......Jul 20, 2017   
Rod it's Jul 20 and you have not posted since the 17th! I am submitting a request to the Hostless one that you be impeached as the Shitbox 2 owner!

rodney ;) 5034     08:08 PM.......Jul 17, 2017   
on this date in 1988. the legendary Bruiser Brody was killed
after a locker room altercation in Puerto Rico. our lawyers wont
let us exlicitly call joes Gonzalez a murdereing. son of bitch or a scumbag. but we all know the score,

rodney ;) 5033     07:59 PM.......Jul 17, 2017   
i just waiked in cut the rose bush all down in front of house and the bush on side of house took all day i started 6.15 am
so on tuesday its the lye like trees on back side of house get cut all down iv been kicking ass on stuff that needs done outside iv got littie poison ivy on my arm . and if it spreads
down father ill pay calm a visit and rub my arm all over him hope he gets it on his balls

rodney ;) 5032     07:55 PM.......Jul 16, 2017   
today i got the trellis all taken down and all vines that were growing up on it all taken down cleaned up and all bricks
under the trellis and i tilled the area up and added grass seed next job monday cut down the bush on other side of yard long fence i started 6.15 am today and ill get early start monday

rodney ;) 5031     08:24 PM.......Jul 15, 2017   
10 on my list be clean out the garage that be lot work im not taking any thing to goodwill or church im goin have Huge garage sale first one in over 30 years

rodney ;) 5030     08:21 PM.......Jul 15, 2017   
thats worm trees

rodney ;) 5029     08:20 PM.......Jul 15, 2017   
8th on list be blackberry vines that are all ready dead get all torn out long the garden 9th on list be cut down all worn trees behind my barn there growing behind wood pile long fence

rodney ;) 5028     08:17 PM.......Jul 15, 2017   
then 4th on list is ferns get all torn out on other side of house and 5th on list be that damn bush long fence next to nabors
on my side of fence so that gets all torn out its so ugly
6th on list be all rose bushes on front of house there 50 percent dead anyway and 7th on list powerwash all brick on house and ill get the cimmey cap off and powerwash that plus all sideing on house gets goood washing

rodney ;) 5027     08:10 PM.......Jul 15, 2017   
past two days iv been tearin out tall bushes long side of house
i got all that out so second on list is i started this afternoon
wood trellis on side of back porch im started tear that all down
i took the bird houses off that and in one of them was bees
tha got me on back on back of leg and arm
so i took care them i sprayed them after few minutes bees dead all over place ill get that trelliis torn all down sunday
then 3rd on list all bushes on back of house get torn out

rodney ;) 5026     04:47 PM.......Jul 14, 2017   
ok back out side i go

rodney ;) 5025     04:43 PM.......Jul 14, 2017   
from. MARION,CO,.. FL superintendent bans home work for elementary students, a school superintendent in FL issued a NO home work mandate for all elementary students,
superintendent Heidi Maier cited research that shows young kids do better in school when they are given a break. she said the districts 31 elementary schools will not give out homework this year.the school district will also ask parents to read with their kids for 20 minutes every night instead of having homework time,
Maier told parents via a phone message that the kids will also have a 30 minute recess daily at school

rodney ;) 5024     04:36 PM.......Jul 14, 2017   
just waiked in been out side all day split few cords wood and stacked all that second on list i started tearin out all evergreen trees long side of house damn things growing up on sideing there up on roof plus tearing out all bushes round house ill have help saturday

rodney ;) 5023     09:58 PM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from, canada fisherman loses his life after freeing a entangled whale from fishing lines a canada fisherman died monday during a whale rescue mission to disentangle an endangered north Atlantic Right whale caught in fishing line off the coast of new Brunswick. we have lost an irreplaceable member of the whale rescue community. his expertise and dedication will be greatly missed, canada minister Dominic LeBlane said in a statement,. 59 year old joe Howlett was trying to cut free a north right whale that got tangled in commerial fishing gear off the coast of new Brunswick, officials have not confirmed the cause of death, but a friend of Howlett told CBS news that he was hit by the whale just after it was cut free and started swimming away ,

rodney ;) 5022     06:22 PM.......Jul 13, 2017   
all of starbucks in the USA are giving away free drinks friday.
starbucks locations across the USA will be offering free beaverages friday as part of a summer promotion for its new iced tea drinks,customers who visit participating stores friday between 1 and 2 pm can receive one of the coffee chains new shaken iced tea infusions,. including pineapple black tea, strawberry green tea and peach citrus tea, the deal is not Bogo, there is NOO perchase at all in order to receive the free drink , starbucks will offer the free drinks in its tall size.

rodney ;) 5021     06:17 PM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from, jacksonville, FL man,, woman arrested for child abuse using soap in mouth as discipline,. police say
at about 9 pm. june,13, a police officer responded to a home in jacksonville to assist the FL department of children and families.
according to the police report. a witness who had been renting a room at the home for several months said jessica and Lee Prather,32, and timothy ward,30, verbally abused the kids,
the witness said she saw Prather and ward curse at the kids and drag them across the floor by the arm,they would also dicipline the kids by putting bars of soap in the kids month according to the police report. the witness said one of the kids had a allergic reaction to the soap,the report said the kids lips swelled. the report also said ward and Prather had used Ajax dish soap as punisment on several kids .

rodney ;) 5020     06:06 PM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from. CLEVES, ohio police say a fuel truck driver was found slumped over the wheel of his running vehicle after apparently overdosing at a southwest ohio gas station, WLWT--TV reports 36 year old Kristopher Phoenix has been charged with felony drug possession and operating a vehicle under the influenc. the Cincinnati man was arrested wensday afternoon in Cleves, 17 miles northwest of Cincinnati . Cleves police chief rick jones says phoenix was sitting on a bomb,police say a customer noticed Phoenix slumped over the wheel of the tanker and notified store clearks who called police, officers found a film canister inside the truck containing heroin, pills, and a straw. police say Phonix didnt need to be revived with the opioid reversal drug naloxone,

rodney ;) 5019     01:44 PM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from. Butler county, ohio Butler county detectives need help to identifying suspects in the theft of underwear worth nearly $6.000 from a Liberty Twp, store last month ..
on june,28th. the two females entered the victoria secret store at Liberty center and stole more than 350 pairs of underwear valued at almost $6.000.

rodney ;) 5018     01:36 PM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from. MIDDLETOWN,OHIO a man was arrested in middletown, ohio. tuesday evening, accused of offering people candy while completely naked. police said they received reports of a odd behavior around 9.20 pm. in the 700 block of 17th ave, authorities found michael Morgan, who was showing signs of intoxication and was sweating profusely., according to a police report, the report adds that Morgan had feces all over his person,witnesses told police that Morgan took off his clothes, decated on a chair and attempted to sell candy to people,
neighbors also accused Morgan of masturbating in a homes back yard, according to the report,Morgan who is well known to police. was arrested and found with dozens of bags of candy. police said. they believe the cadies were stolen from a nearby convenience store

rodney ;) 5017     11:15 AM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from. west palm beach. fla. typo in wendys restaurant sign is divine comedy wendys customers rarely have anything meatier to contemplate than wheather to get a single. a double or perhaps try the chicken but thoses at one of the fat food chains palm beach county FL, restaurants briefly got to contemplate wendys and its immoral acts against god,the palm beach post reports that the restaurant recently installed a sign that read. all of wendys sin off one word, FRESH
JAE Restaurant group. the franchise compeny that operates the location,. told the newspaper that the word was supposed to be spins and that the sign will be corrected,

rodney ;) 5016     11:07 AM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from. CORPUS CHRISTI. Texas, man trapped in ATM slips notes to customers begging for help
police say a tx man who became trapped inside a ATM slipped notes to customers via the receipt slot pleading for them to help him escape, corpus Christi police Lt chris hooper says the contractor became stuck wensday when he was changing a lock to a bank of America room that leads to the ATM the unidentified contractor, who had left his cellphone in his truck, encountered a
problem with the lock,he passed notes through the ATM receipt slot to customers retreving cash,, one read, please help. im stuck in here, befor imploring people to call his boss a customer called police, who heard a faint voice coming from the ATM an officer kicked in the door to the room, freeing the man ,

rodney ;) 5015     10:52 AM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from, Nebraska hours after release, man arrested in jail parking lot nebraska is having trouble staying out of jail.
cooper cook,25, was arrested monday in the hall county jail parking lot. just hours after he been released from the jail on another offense, cook was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, accordin to jail records. cook will appear in court, aug, 30th. on the new charges, as well as previous charges for drug paraphernalia and carrying a concealed weapon

rodney ;) 5014     10:44 AM.......Jul 13, 2017   
authoriies said ramos initially denied that anything inappropriate took place,. then admitted she taiked with the 18 year old student believed to have been involved. she later told investigators, your not going to be happy with what you find on my phone according to the documents, there was stuff on her phone i just wont say what the investigators said in this report sorry hosty would not aprove of it but the student did get laid in back sit of her car thats all ill say ramos has a plea hearing scheduled for july,25

rodney ;) 5013     10:39 AM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from , Bridgeport Connecticut that woman more then in head shes just teacher accused of sexually assulting special--education student appears in court
a former teacher who reportedly has confessed to having sex with one of her students a handful of times between december 2016 and april 2017 appeared in a Bridgeport court tuesday to be arraigned on charges of sexual assault, Ramos husband went to the courthouse with his wife, sat with her befor her name was called then left with her,police said Ramos illicit relationship with an 18 year old student began over text and turned physical in the back of her car. according to the arrest warrant,a witness who texed with the teacher said Ms, Ramos would complain that her man or guy does not want to have sex or do anything with her,
its not clear if this was referring to the husband or the student,
witness 1 noticed the victim would hang out in ms Ramos class and would watch them make eyes at each other. like flirting. .

rodney ;) 5012     08:54 AM.......Jul 13, 2017   
McDonalds is giving customers a sweet way to celebrate National ice cream day/ USA today reported that the chain is giving away vanilla soft serve cones on july,16 oneway with the official McDonalds app can get the free treat sunday, but fo thoses who order one between 2 and 5 pm. they can get free solf serve ice cream for life .

rodney ;) 5011     08:50 AM.......Jul 13, 2017   
moon dust collescted by Neil Armstrong to be sold at Auction to be sold at a newyork auction, , the lunar dust plus some tiny rocks that Aarmstorng also collected are zipped up in a small bag and are worth an estimated $2 million to $4 million dollers, there just some of the items licked to space travel that sothebys is auctioning off to mark the 48th anniversary of the first lunar landing on july 20th. Armstorngs snapshot of fellow Apollo 11 astrnaut Buzz Aldrin standing on the moon could go up to $4.000. also on the block, is a documented flight plan that astronauts used to return to Earth.Armstorng was the first man to waik on the moon. he died in 2012. in ohio.

rodney ;) 5010     08:38 AM.......Jul 13, 2017   
i just found a great job for hosty now hiring,. Oscar Mayer Wienermobile drivers, wanted . if your dream job includes traveling around in a hot dog shaped vehicle. Oscar Mayer is hiring Wienermobile drivers, the compeny has a fleet of Six of the frankfurter--shaped vehicles traversing the country at any time the one year hotdogger position as a Wienermobile navigator offers a competitive salary expenses and benefits, the job includes appearances on radio and television as well as interviews for newspapers and visits to grocery stores and charity events,
but perhaps the most relishing aspect of the job a compeny car guaranteed to turn heads i can see it now hosty and world in that hotdog car driving down highway would be driving well hostys in back eating hotdogs

rodney ;) 5009     08:22 AM.......Jul 13, 2017   
from SALEM, N,H woman nabbed for drugs demands them back, is rearrested authorities say a New Hampshire woman arrested for drug possession returned to the police station to demand the drugs be returned to her or els,
an officer told 26 year old Emily Morin, of Concord. he wouldnt return the Suboxone. a highly addictive substance that can be used to treat heroin addicyion, it was seized as evidence during her arrest stemming from a shoplifting incident tuesday,
the officer said he saw Morin get into a car and start to drive away,, Earlier, police determined that Morins license and registration were susended. she was arrested after a struggle,
Morin was being arraigned wensday on charges of driving after suspension. breach of bail and resisting arrest, in addition to drug and willful concealment charges,

rodney ;) 5008     06:17 PM.......Jul 12, 2017   
hears a good one a man in Arizona is accused of dragging his dog behind his truck for half mile. police said ,
Deatry Lynn McClure, 52 allegedly tied up the and dragged his 4 year old Chihuahua, Leia, for half mile . Leia survived the incident and was taken to a veterinary office, where she was treated for road rash, police said . McClure appeared to be intoxicated when they arrived on the scene, he allegedly told officers that he forgot the dog was back there McClure WAS booked into the yavapal county Detention center on a charge of animal cruelty and driving under the influence

rodney ;) 5007     06:09 PM.......Jul 12, 2017   
from north Dakota , this good one
man who tried to sell grass clippings as marijuana arrested police said , police arrested a 29 year old north Dakota man early wensday after officers said he attempted to sell grass clippings that he was passing off as marijuana,police told the Bismarck tribune that the man, who was not identified , was offering grass clipings for sale, which could have been mistaken for marijuana , in a parking lot in Bismarck. police were called by a woman who said he tryed to sell to her just befor 1 am, accourding to an affidavit obtained by two additional witnesses told police that the man was tryin to sale the grass to them as well,at first the suspect claimed it was marijuana , then said it was synthetic, the news site reported, after the witnessses refused to buy, he said, just kidding, its grass,that the man agreed to let police search him, officers said they found a bag in his pocket containing the grass clippings . police arrested t

rodney ;) 5006     07:06 PM.......Jul 11, 2017   
calm please use your cell phone well your in bathtub

rodney ;) 5005     07:04 PM.......Jul 11, 2017   
from. Lubbock. texas,. a 14 year old texas girl died sunday moring after she was electrocuted while using her cellphone in the bathtub, according to family members, this is such a tragedy that doesnt need to happen to anyone else. madison Coes grandmother./ donna Guinn told KCBD, we want somthinf good to come out of this as awareness of not using your cellphone in the bathtub as it is plugged in and charging.
Guinn and madisons mother told the news station that the teen was in the bathtub when she either plugged her phone in or grabbed her phone while it was charging at her fathers house in Lovington. new mexico,. she was electrocuted and died early sunday moring. there was a burn marks on her hand. the hand that would have grabbed the phone/ Guinn told the news station/ that was just very obvious that thats what had happened .

rodney ;) 5004     11:01 AM.......Jul 11, 2017   

rodney ;) 5003     10:59 AM.......Jul 11, 2017   
only jk hosty

rodney ;) 5002     10:59 AM.......Jul 11, 2017   
chick--fil A giving free food to cow costumed customers on Cow Appreciation day for the 13th year chick fill will hold its cow appreciation day event at all of its 2.100 stores nation wide. from opening untill 7 pm/ tuesday adult customers who dress in all cow attire from head to head according to the restaurants website will be given a free chick fill entree, such as the egg white grill. smokehouse BBQ bacon sandwich, original sandwich and more, kidsthat dress like a cow in there best moo costume will get a free kids meal, P,S hosty was at chick--fil this moring at 6 am
,,waiting for door to open wearing a COW outfit how cheap can person get

rodney ;) 5001     06:56 PM.......Jul 10, 2017   
from pittsburgh,. pa groomsman jailed in sexual assault of 15 year old bridesmaid, a 29 year old groomsman has been jailed for sexually assaulting the 15 year old bridesmaid at a penn wedding john sylvester young pleaded guilty last week to statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors. the plea came after prosecutors dropped some of the charges against him
young and the bridesmaid were paired togetther at a september 2016 wedding, police said young gave the girl sevral alcohlic drinks at the reception, kissed and touched her,. and then had sex with her when the bridal party was over and went to the pitts area hotel,the girl was related to the groom who, prosecutors say, confronted young, and contacted authorities. young was sentenced to 11 half to 23 months in prison, by an Allegheny county judge,

rodney ;) 5000     06:44 PM.......Jul 10, 2017   
from, SACRAMENTO, CA CALI TEEN WINS lottery twice in a week
the cali lottery says a 19 year old Rosa Dominguez won $555.555, on a $5 scatch off ticket purchased at a gas station. after that win, she said she was nervous and just wanted to cry.
a few days later, she bought another $5 scatch off ticket at a different gas station and won $100.000. the lottery didnt say when the tickets were purchased. the lottery says Dominguez collected her $655.555 in total winnings recently and tells the organixation she plans to go shopping and buy her self a new car,

rodney ;) 4999     06:36 PM.......Jul 10, 2017   
from TEXAS CITY, texas,. record breaking 1.033 pound hammerhead shark caught near texas city
theres no doubt tim McClellen will be framing the picture of him with the massive.. record breaking hammerhead shark he caught over the weekend McClellen won 1st place when he caught the 1,033 pound shark in the 55th Annual texas city jaycees tackle time fishing tournament on july 9th,. his catch smashed the 871 pound record set in 1980 in the Gulf of mexico, in a photo posted to facebook by the texas city jaycees, the shark appears to be at least twice the length of McClellns height, winning 1st place and smashing a 30 year old state of texas record mr, tim McClellen brought in this huge 1033 lb hammerhead shark.

rodney ;) 4998     12:25 PM.......Jul 10, 2017   
from, Elkin, north. carolina, teen intentionally starts walmart fire. causes, $3 million dollers in damagees,
a 15 year old boy starts fire in the flower area in the artififcial flower section of walmart, that a fire started just after 10.30 pm, tuesday and the Ekin fire department answered the call. jilned by a number of volunteer departments,. employees inside the sore were able to quell the blaze using fire extinguishers, the north carolina state bureau of investigation reportedly believes that the fire was intentionally set. investigators reviwed the surveillance footage from the stores security video, the teen is in jail on no bond

rodney ;) 4997     12:06 PM.......Jul 10, 2017   
from. Festus, missouri. another razor blade found hidden on walmart shopping cart . for the second time in a few days,
walmart has to answer questions about a shopping cart found to have a razor blade under its handlebar, authorites believe the person who left the blades might be a shoplifer who used them to cut off tags or open packages, woman cut with raxor blade embedded in walmart cart handle. on july, 2 michelle patterson reportedly was cut by a razor blade as she sanitized a cart handlebar with a wipe, she was not seriously hurt, the lady behind me had a toddler/ that would have been her cart, if it hadent been there first, thats what upsets me,

rodney ;) 4996     11:38 AM.......Jul 10, 2017   
i will be there wensday night game im goin back to state park sunday night for free sun night music but ill be back in time for triva

rodney ;) 4995     07:58 AM.......Jul 10, 2017   
i missed triva sunday night i forgot all about it
started early 7 am spliting wood kep at that and also stacking
untill 12noon then took lunch break then got back to spliting
did putdy good got over 4 half cords split with 6 other guys helpin me after all that took and went on to free sunday music at state park round 9 .30 pm there
i its triva night im missing out winning points

rodney ;) 4994     07:26 PM.......Jul 8, 2017   
this true weird story is for Hosty to injoy reading
police,, man on meth said friends thought it would be funny if he went to walmart naked . shoppers at an Arizona walmart got an eyeful tuesday when a naked man was seen waiking around the store. police were called and the man, Robert Kanoff, 49. was located across the street from the tempe walmart. police said Kanoff was naked. but was wearing shoes, Kanoff said he used meth earler in the day and was dropped off by friends who thought it would be funny if he waiked around walmart naked Kanoff was arrested on several charges. including indecent exposure. public sexual indecency. disorderly conduct, and possession of dangerous drugs,

rodney ;) 4993     07:21 PM.......Jul 7, 2017   
heres another for hosty to injoy reading i know he likes from ohio, stacy schuler. mason gym teacher had sex with football players,. gave them alcohol. stacy schuel, the former physical education teacher at mason high school was found guilty in the 2010 of supplying five students with alcohol and having sex with them on multiple occasions in her springboro home. the five young men gave graphic. details accounts of the exploits at schuler home, one said sex with schuler was initiated on the kitcken counter and two others taiked about sex they had with schuler in her . sevral said they had repeated group sex with schuler in her bed schuler served a littie more than one year on her 4 year sentence on 16 felony counts of sexual battery, after a four day bench trial where five former students--most of them football player testified, the judge said schuler would be eligble for release after 6 months

rodney ;) 4992     06:57 PM.......Jul 7, 2017   
heres a s true story for Hosty to injoy reading
from FLa. fl woman hid meth in her buttlocks during jail booking a woman who was being booked into a fl jail last weekend allegedly tried to chew on a bag of methamphetamine that she had removed from her buttlocks, police said, collier county shriffs deputies arrested summer Adamson. 30 after she was accused of breaking a car window in Naples. after pulling her over, deputies said they discovered a syring and herion next to her in the car she was driving. as Adamson was being booked at the coller county jail, deputies searched her and said she grabbed a bag of meth that had been in her buttlocks put it in her mouth and started chewing on it, Adamsom faces several charges. including drug possession. smuggling. contraband into jail and tampering with evidence, she remains in jail on $22.000 cash bond, arrest records show ,

rodney ;) 4991     06:47 PM.......Jul 7, 2017   
from Georgia, a woman punched for parking in handicapped spot at Publix grocery store
sandy springs police arrested a man after he assulted a woman in a publix parking lot because she parked in a handicapped accessible parking spot joel joe sierra, of Norcross. Georgia. was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the Alpharetta jail on june,25 after witnesses told police that he hit a sandy springs woman in the face three times with a closed fist.
according to the police report/ officers responded around 12.40,pm that day and spoke with the woman who said she was assaulted. the woman told police that sierra and his family became angry with her for parking in the handicapped accessible parking spot. without authorization, the woman told police that sierra started at her and taking photos of her and her car,. the woman told police that sierra then hit her in face, after speaking to witnesses. police arrested sierra,

rodney ;) 4990     06:36 PM.......Jul 7, 2017   
from. TX after 5 felony DWI convictions Texas man receives life sentence michael Allen Martz. 62. was found guilty last week of a third--degree felony in connection with a 2016 DWI incident police said Martz was driving recklessly while intoxicated around a kroger parking lot. almost hitting a car with a family inside, Martz, who was found inside the grocery store buying alcohol failed a sobriety test. police said, a blood sample tested positive for alcohol. marijuana, Xanax. Hydrocodone and soma.
Martz had DWI convictions dating back to 1987. he had just completed parole from a 2001 incident, in which he was sentenced to 15 years in prison befor the 2016 DWI arrest. police said.

rodney ;) 4989     04:59 PM.......Jul 7, 2017   
from ENGLEWOOD, FLa man attacked by alligator while diving for golf balls at charlotte, co course, . a 50 year old man was bitten by an alligator at a charlotte county golf course today,
the attack happened at about 1 pm, at the Rotunda golf and country vlub palms golf course in Englewood. the sheriffs office said, the man was diving for golf balls when the gator bit him in his left arm. he managed to free himself and get to land and call 911, he was transported by Aeromed 5 to Lee memorial hosp in fort myers,

Whisper 4988     03:55 AM.......Jul 7, 2017   
..thumbsdown eh

Whisper 4987     03:55 AM.......Jul 7, 2017   
Oh yea...Im having my brain scan on Saturday morning to make sure my cancer didn't spread there, then I will start radiation treatment later next week.

Whisper 4986     03:53 AM.......Jul 7, 2017   
Good Morning Rodney!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

rodney ;) 4985     11:08 PM.......Jul 6, 2017   
from. FL man kept dead wife in freezer for 8 years/ made $92.000 in social security Allan Dunn. of sun city center in Hillsborough county. and his wife Margaret, lived together there in a condo untill she died in 2003. Dunn then put her body in a freezer at there home. accourding to the us Attorneys office .
federal authorites say Dunn collected $92.000 in social security payments untill his death in 2010. Dunns estate agreed to forfeit the assets and were able to repay almost $16.000 to resolve the allegations that Dunn failed to report his wifes death and cheated the goverment out of social security benefits, acting us Attorney W stephen muldrow said in a statement

rodney ;) 4984     11:00 PM.......Jul 6, 2017   
calm do me a faver EAT

AJ LEE 4983     09:24 PM.......Jul 6, 2017   
I cant wait till this is called the calmbox

rodney ;) 4982     12:14 PM.......Jul 6, 2017   
and Hosty all ready told me hes looking forward to coming to help

rodney ;) 4981     12:12 PM.......Jul 6, 2017   
your all invited over to my house this sunday be plenty of ice cold water and pop. start time will be 8 am it be sunny and hot
so bring sun tan Lotion and there be hambers and hotdogs on grill and bring hat keep sun from givin u sun tan on your head dont worry bout bringing work gloves iv got plenty of them i buy them buy the box at rurle king farm store

rodney ;) 4980     12:03 PM.......Jul 6, 2017   
heres good one from dayton, ohio woman in custody. accused of tossing hot grill through house window
police have taken a woman into custody after she was accused of tossing a small charcoal grill with hot briquettes in it, through a window at a duplex during an altercation, with a man believed to be her boyfriend,there was damage to the careting in the duples, in the 2000 block of Auburn ave accroding to police report.
the woman came home early and found her boy friend with nother woman so she tossed the hot grill through the window and told both them in side to eat that for dinner
the woman in jail on $50.000 cash bond

rodney ;) 4979     11:54 AM.......Jul 6, 2017   
newlun is in jail on $500.000 cash bond

rodney ;) 4978     11:53 AM.......Jul 6, 2017   
from missouri ........ hes one son of
needs his balls removed police arrested a man accused of
sexually abusing 1 year old girl well he was baby sitting
jayson Newlun, 26. was a family friend. accourding to court documents reviwed . the parents of the girl told police they left newlun alone with there daughter who was asleep at the home, while they went to the store. the mother realized she forgot something and when they returned home, they found newlun naked in babys room. the mother told police she seen newlun sexually assulting her daughter while photographing the act,
the girls father beat out of newlun. hitting him with a dresser drawer and punching him multiple times, the girls mother asked newlun why he did such a thing to her daughter he said that he just wanted know what her --------tastes like
the mother told newlun that she hops he rots in prison for what he did to her 1 year old daughter. newlun was arrested on rape charges and in

rodney ;) 4977     11:42 AM.......Jul 6, 2017   
last night i won 7 points in the play chat FEUD game

rodney ;) 4976     11:26 AM.......Jul 6, 2017   
no jimmy

Jimymac 4975     09:50 AM.......Jul 6, 2017   
Rod can you repeat the story about the cops in English this time?

rodney ;) 4974     08:58 PM.......Jul 5, 2017   
my directv signal went out 3 times i was wondering
what fuc goin on so i go out look up theres a plane
with round disk on top of it knocks out my directv every goddam times it circles round

rodney ;) 4973     05:46 PM.......Jul 5, 2017   
i cant till next july 4th ill be back there again like i am every july 4th day

rodney ;) 4972     05:44 PM.......Jul 5, 2017   
and tha had 18 diff bands at park tuesday called battle
of the bands lot were ok tha played good and few bands
i would not given them 10 cents tha had 20 food trucks
food i dont know i had my cooler never put my hand in my wallet

rodney ;) 4971     05:41 PM.......Jul 5, 2017   
thats main road not mail road

rodney ;) 4970     05:40 PM.......Jul 5, 2017   
i got at delco tuesday 2 pm and that was all read house
there my god and by 6 pm cops shut the mail road down
in front of delco it was bumper to bumper tha reopened it 30 minutes later guy on loud speaker said there new july 4th record est with over 55,000 people shit what i seen i swear there had be well over 75.000 cops had no control what so ever it was great i was in my next to car
on hill looking over the waiking path my god guys kissin each other ladys doin same some guy waiked up me asks if im gay i said no im not so far so he waiks way
and there was over 20 blacks sitting and lot standing
shootin off bottle rockets lol cop waiks up said stop
or u go jail guy said there more us then there are u cops so fuc off i got good 30 minute laff cops waik way after 55 minutes fires work show 2 hours and 15 minutes get out that parking lot

rodney ;) 4969     05:30 PM.......Jul 5, 2017   
past two days C-17S been flyin out of air base here
one every 15 to 20 minutes in day and night
there getting ready for soming huge
word is that military force is very possible with North Korea
it only last few days knock out all there nuk sites i taiked to guy
last night at delco park i know he a supplyer loader at base
and he said were loading stuff in cargos with supplys
he would not tell me or say where there heading if he knew
he didnt tell me and nother guy waiks up says
when theres 30 trackor trailers pulling in with supplys unload in day thats normal for day but its been like over 60 trackor trailers per day pulling in to base to unload he said lot
thos trailers are just loaded on cargos way tha are with out
unloading them with fork lift then load them on cargo he said
thats all im sayin bout that

Whisper 4968     04:28 AM.......Jul 5, 2017   
Hope you take care of good stuff. Glad you got to the airshow. sound busy too... don't overdue it though...u need to rest too!!! Now that I know your here, ill come say hi more often. your gonna be sick of me...

Whisper 4967     04:17 AM.......Jul 5, 2017   
Hey.r here!!!! Very cool Rodney!!!

calmlikeabomb 4966     09:52 PM.......Jul 4, 2017   
happy 4th Rodney

calmlikeabomb 4965     09:52 PM.......Jul 4, 2017   
rip smith hart

rodney ;) 4964     07:23 PM.......Jul 3, 2017   
news in wrestling once again
smith Hart of the famous wrestling Hart family, passed away at
the age of 68 following a lengthy battle with prostate cancer,
.................... .................... .................... .................... .............
today iv been busy out side all fuc day since befor 7 am yard . cut out two bushes. trimmed two bushes i even used shovel and removed the bush stumps also so now im goin go take a then eat littie then go to bed

rodney ;) 4963     06:17 PM.......Jul 2, 2017   
u.k. media outlet the Daily mail reported this weekend that former British pro wrestler jimmy Beaks. was arrested following the death of his ex--wife. accourding to the report in the Daily mail, Breaks ex--wife Donna Cowley, was beaten to death in her home in Gran Canaria. officially passing away later that same day at a local hosp at 47 years old, Breaks ,80, was arrested on suspicion of homicide and will be kept pending more information regarding the death of Cowley, the resuilts of Cowleys death are expected to be availble soon,jimmy Breaks, who had the nickname Cry Baby,. was a popular babyface in world of sport during his acitve pro wrestling career,. Breaks, who has yet to be formerly charged with any crimes in connection to the passing of his ex--wife, held numerous titles, including the Britich lightweight title, during the 1960s ,

rodney ;) 4962     08:27 PM.......Jul 1, 2017   
the ball Pete Rose smashed to left center field for his record--breaking hit .No .4. 192. sold today for more than $403.000
on Lelands Auctions .Rose drove the ball for a single on sept,11. 1985. at the former Riverfront stadium in cinn to break the record of lifetime hits set by ty Cobb in 1910,

rodney ;) 4961     06:51 PM.......Jul 1, 2017   
from, AK again juneu tops AK list of smallest citys with the most millioairs households.

rodney ;) 4960     06:50 PM.......Jul 1, 2017   
in, Alaska again Alaska largest needle exchange is rushing to keep up supplys there drug users in AK
voluntter Zane Davis restocking alcohol swabs and other supples at the Alaska Aids Assistance Associations Anchorage office there is a huge abundance of jaw--dropping numbers when it comes to opioids in AK 74 percent of the states drug overdose deaths last year are attributed to prescription painkillers or heroin. blood born viruses like Hepatitis C is up 85 percent,

rodney ;) 4959     06:41 PM.......Jul 1, 2017   
from. Alaska longliners say killer whales stealing fish.
the battle between killer whales and longline fishermen has been going on for decades in the Bering sea. pods of whales will follow boats and pick fish off their lines as they pull them in, some commercial fishermen say the whales have become so persistent, they have changed fishing grounds to avoid them . but the new regulators may have a solution

rodney ;) 4958     06:27 PM.......Jul 1, 2017   
from. Alaska, no joke, a bear waiks into a Lemon Creek liquor store . a bear likey was just following its nose when it waiked into a Lemon Creek business on friday, Listen now bob Dilley is a communty service officer supervisor with juneau police department,. he said a bear waiking into a bussiness doesnt happen very offen. its fairly rare that they actually waik into a front door like that, Dilley said, its a matter of luck that they come by and the doors open ,

rodney ;) 4957     06:19 PM.......Jul 1, 2017   
from. OLIVE BRANCH, MISS. olive Branch police are warning
the community after a man and woman tried to lure a 10 year old girl into there car,it happened in the Hoilday Hills Subdivision on Chickasaw Drive, police said the young girl did not get into the car so the man and woman took off. police told parents to tell there kids not to taik to strangers.
.................... .................... .................... .................... ...........
when im out on i always stop to taik to strangers
i say how u doing

rodney ;) 4956     12:35 PM.......Jul 1, 2017   
this is one over payed son of
the NBA first unanimous MVP has agreed to the leagues first $200 million contract Golden state has agreed to ink four time all star point guard Stephen Curry to a five year maximum contract worth $201 million with no options .