rodney ;) 05:53 PM.......Mar 23, 2017   
.. roll calm

calmlikeabomb 03:48 PM.......Mar 23, 2017   
u make it sound like that's my fault rod

rodney ;) 02:45 PM.......Mar 23, 2017   
calm .. roll befor i log out and head back outside
its all over TV and radio
in , Wisconsin 4 killed including police officer
after Domestic Dispute turns into Deadly shooting rampage,
crowley officer wounded in fatal shooting that
leaves three people dead, police dog dead .. cry

rodney ;) 02:40 PM.......Mar 23, 2017   
calm im busy outside iv got no time to update every day .. roll
unless there wrestling death .. hehe
the WWE is buying the wrestling compeny named
Ring of Honor ROH the ultimate goal being a full
takeover of ROH by WWE .. roll

rodney ;) 11:58 AM.......Mar 23, 2017   
jim Rosss wife was taken off life support last
night and a Priest gave her the last rites, .. cry

rodney ;) 06:32 PM.......Mar 22, 2017   
been busy outside every day .. grin
jim Ross updates on his wife, shes on life support
and in critcal condition .. cry
last monday his wife was ridin her bike and
an 17 year old hit her .. cry

rodney ;) 06:26 PM.......Mar 22, 2017   
.. roll .. finger calm ill do better lol

calmlikeabomb 05:42 PM.......Mar 22, 2017   
rod yer slacking off on the rasslin news... .. grr

rodney ;) 08:05 PM.......Mar 20, 2017   
.. clap yes we do

winter 06:58 PM.......Mar 20, 2017   
so we have a politics SB, and now a porn SB .. umm

rodney ;) 11:28 AM.......Mar 20, 2017   
and the captain of the Cornelia the boat got sold
what a LOSER Josh Harris isits shame

rodney ;) 11:25 AM.......Mar 20, 2017   
Sig was screwin his daughter at age of 2 years old .. roll
his ex wife is a gold digger wants all his money he made
in past 35 years .. roll Sig worked hard
for what he has .. mad its nothing more than old --fashioned
shake down .. mad its completely frivolous .. mad
his ex wife made up story so she could take his daughter from him
its all extorting money from hard working man .. cry
its blackmail . i think the bitch was not happy with over
1 million year that Sig brought home she wanted more damn
Gold digger .. roll Hanson contends Melissa Eckstroms claims
are based on records cheery picked from the sealed file
and dont provide the full story ..
and among other things,, a judge in the divorce case says
ultimately ruled that Hanson didnt commit the abuse .. .. yay

rodney ;) 11:14 AM.......Mar 20, 2017   
thats Sig not sig .. hehe

rodney ;) 11:13 AM.......Mar 20, 2017   
.. sad Sig Hanson star of Deadlest catch
accused of molesting daughter .. hehe
i bet that was best lay sIG got in last 20 years lol .. hehe

lr 11:01 AM.......Mar 20, 2017   
.. gm all
..happy first day of spring
no more snow, flowers to bloom, trees to get their leaves
and more time to walk on the beach.

Hosty 10:43 AM.......Mar 20, 2017   
hey rod, looks like your hero from Deadliest Catch was catching more than fish... sick bastard.

rodney ;) 04:49 PM.......Mar 19, 2017   
today i went to fleamarket then after waiking round 4 hours
went to lake .. grin there were people out .. fish on
there boats .. roll then kep goin and going till we were
out far in country just farm houses and farm fields .. grin
stoped at a amish cheese farm tha had every kind cheese
person ever wanted .. grin i tryed samples and i liked
it so much i bought 2 lbs of goat cheese $13 i know
i got screwed and tattoed .. hehe but i dont
get out that far very offen .. grin

broadwaydiva 08:24 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
Jimy Wimy dahling. How are you?? .. hug

rodney ;) 08:23 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
.. hehe

rodney ;) 08:22 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
but calm i say FAT granny porn vides is for u
old ladys aged 80s u can look at that .. hehe
i know u like lol

rodney ;) 08:20 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
i did Google first then went to
Chrome and put in Paiges leaked sex tape
holy shit it was there i watched it all .. grin

rodney ;) 08:18 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
WWE"s Paige was the victim of a hacking as
multple nude photoes as well as two vides have
leaked online, one which is a sex tape of her with former WWE
talent and current indie wrestler ,,
calm iv seen them tapes .. drool

rodney ;) 08:08 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
.. hehe dumb bitch .. hehe in, portland , Ore
a oregon Bend daycare is accused of leaving 7 chidern alone
so she could go tan,, .. hehe the Bend police department
said january Neatherlin,, 31 abandoned the children
ages ranged from 6 months to 4 years old. and was later
spotted at a local tanning salon , .. hehe

rodney ;) 08:00 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
in, CITRUS COUNTY, FL FL deputies investigate facebook homicide
confession, .. shock a video that was circulating around
facebook depicts a young woman confessing a series of crimes
that occurred in Citrus county including homicide and
lots of various sex crimes ,,hehe Citrus county deputies
who have been investigating the video, which has since
been deleted, since late last year said friday on facebook
they have not found any credible basis or evidence that points
to the crimes, they say investigators even met with the girl.
who lives out of state, for an 3 hour interview. the citrus county
sheriffs office wants the public to know there is no substantial
evidence at this time that supports the crimes made in the video,

rodney ;) 05:46 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
hosty shame on you i dont wear XXXL ONLY XL

Hosty 04:36 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
I'm sure you'd need XXXL rod......... oh, and "No!"

rodney ;) 04:25 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
Hulk Hogan opened a second Hogans Beach Shop in Orlando.
on international Drivem just in time for WrestleMania
in town .. .. hehe Hosty would u order me a
HulkaMania shirt .. grin size XL just mail it to me
thank you .. grin

rodney ;) 04:16 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
PORTLAND,,ME Missing comma Keeps $10 million lawsuit alive .. hehe
a federal appeals court decided this week to keep alive
an oakhurst Dairy drivers lawsuit seeking more than $10 million
in overtime, it concerned an exemption from Mains overtime law
saying it dont apply to canning,, preserving, freezing,. drying,
marketing, storing, packing for shipment of distribution foods,
theres no Oxford , or serial, comma in the packing for shipment.
or distrbution part, the drivers said the words refrred to
the single activity of packing. which the drivers dont do,
Oakhurst said the words referenced two different activities
and drivers fall within the exemption,
Circuit judge David Barron in Boston wrote for what of a comma,
we have this case a social medie frenzy about commas
has erupted since .. hehe

rodney ;) 01:25 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
calm i want u to buy a case of Drinkable sunscreen prompts lawsuit
.. hehe if your looking to buy drinkable sunscreen, you
may want to think twice, according to Radio lowa.
the Attorney General of lowa is filing a lawsuit against
a colorado--based compeny that claims to have invented
the worlds first drinkable sunscreen. the compeny
admits that the only ingedient in their product is water,
but claims that the water imprints raido waves,
which gives it special properties, according to Radio lowa ,
the lawsuit, filed against Osmosis LLC, Harmonized water
LLC and owner Benjamin johnson, claims that the compeny
failed to adeqately test its drinkable sunsreen,
Assisistant Attorney General Steve ST, Clair told Rdio iowa,
the state is seeking restitution for anyone who spent money
on the product, which is selling for $30 to $40 per bottle,
the state has asked the court to prevent the compeny from selling
their products in lowa .. shock
calm u can buy that drinkable sunsreen heres $40

rodney ;) 01:12 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
calm .. kiss my ass

calmlikeabomb 01:08 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
rod .. bird

rodney ;) 01:01 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
calm .. finger

calmlikeabomb 12:35 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
.. kiss for rodney

rodney ;) 12:25 PM.......Mar 17, 2017   
.. kissme

Hosty 11:39 AM.......Mar 17, 2017   
.. ehh i'll take the vodka .. hehe .. shh
.. hsp2 .. irishdance .. greenbeer

Jimymac 11:36 AM.......Mar 17, 2017   

lr 09:53 AM.......Mar 17, 2017   
hosty no .. beer for you. how about a day off from Rodney?
or the females could send extra .. hug lol

Hosty 09:16 AM.......Mar 17, 2017   
.. hsp all .. jig

Hosty 09:15 AM.......Mar 17, 2017   
Diva .. hug ssssssssss

Hosty 09:15 AM.......Mar 17, 2017   
Rod: No.

lr 09:13 AM.......Mar 17, 2017   
happy st. patricks day to everyone. wear your green and enjoy your day and parades. green .. beer for all.

Jimymac 08:04 AM.......Mar 17, 2017   
Divalicious .. hug

broadwaydiva 08:25 PM.......Mar 16, 2017   
Hosticus .. hug

rodney ;) 06:58 PM.......Mar 16, 2017   
hosty do u ever think of me .. angel

Hosty 06:45 PM.......Mar 16, 2017   
thinking about ken today... for some reason... i miss him a lot.

Hosty 05:36 PM.......Mar 16, 2017   
does that cause popcorn farts too? just wondering .. hmm

calmlikeabomb 10:47 PM.......Mar 15, 2017   
its true

rodney ;) 09:51 PM.......Mar 15, 2017   
there a huge Rumor that calm stole that 70 --pound popcorn ball
.. shock thats why hes been on toilet past 2 days
because he ate all of popcorn ball .. roll

rodney ;) 01:09 PM.......Mar 15, 2017   
.. hehe thats lot popcorn .. hehe .. hehe
70-- pound popcorn ball, ,valued at $700. stolen from ohio shop .. hehe
its a new twist on sticky fingers , .. hehe police say someone
swiped a 70 pound popcorn ball worth hundreds of dollers
from a suburban cleveland shop where it was being auctioned .. hehe
the oversized sneak dyed red,, white and blue was taken from
outside the Chagrin falls popcorn shop over the weekend,
police have asked area residents to keep an eye out for it, .. hehe
shop owner Dewey forward tells the popcorn
ball can be returned with no questions asked and no charges filed,
but it has not turned up so far.
it was created for new years eve popcorn ball drop and was being
auctioned this week, with proceeds slated to go toward
renovations of a town hall, its valued at $700 .. hehe

rodney ;) 12:59 PM.......Mar 15, 2017   
.. shock .. roll in.MOORE.Okla. Oklahoma state Senator
found with teenage boy, .. roll
Okla state senator Ralph Shortey is under investigation
for an incident at a motel with a teenage boy,
District Attorney Greg Mashburn says the boy is
16 or 17, and that is the age of consent in Oklahoma .. roll
Shortey is 35. the incedent took place at a super 8 in Moore,
police are reviewing text messages between senator Shortey
and the teen to determine if anything criminal has occurred,
it was those texts messages that led the boys family
to call police, according to Mashburn,, .. roll

rodney ;) 12:01 PM.......Mar 15, 2017   
ya right winter .. roll

winter 06:41 AM.......Mar 15, 2017   
Rod, Put down the remote and step away from the TV .. no

rodney ;) 06:15 PM.......Mar 14, 2017   
.. yay seasion 13 of Deadliest Catch premieres
April 11 at 9 pm ET on Discovery channel .. yay

rodney ;) 08:42 PM.......Mar 13, 2017   
.. shock Gander Mountain files for Bankruptcy .. shock
its fishing and hunting store
i injoy goin there .. grin

rodney ;) 08:31 PM.......Mar 13, 2017   
let me do this right so folks know who
Larry Gibson was he was littie person
named Cheezy in Jerry Lawlers Survivor Series
tag team years ago

rodney ;) 08:20 PM.......Mar 13, 2017   
once again .. sad news out pro wrestling
former pro wrestler named Larry Gibson
passed away today .. cry .. cry .. cry .. cry

rodney ;) 08:19 PM.......Mar 13, 2017   
ok deal calm .. ok

calmlikeabomb 06:16 PM.......Mar 13, 2017   
no way rod... I'm doing all the work.i want 75%

rodney ;) 12:09 PM.......Mar 13, 2017   
thats 80% for me and %20 for calm lol

rodney ;) 12:08 PM.......Mar 13, 2017   
ya jimy the second option im goin pimp calm out .. hehe
and every two hours ill get my .. money from him
%80 percent for me and %20 percent for him .. grin

Jimymac 11:44 AM.......Mar 13, 2017   
Good thing for you rod because we know what the other option is....

rodney ;) 09:49 AM.......Mar 13, 2017   
.. yay .. snow on way here for tonight 3 to 5 inches .. yay
.. dance then early tuesday morin ill be out plowing .. yay

winter 10:16 PM.......Mar 12, 2017   
When hosty returns from rescuing his son from the evils of NY ,, chat is broke .. gavel sometimes we cant see some chatters , and some cant see us ,, its weird..
log back in and ya may see some but not the ones ya seen earlier etc .. drama

rodney ;) 05:33 PM.......Mar 12, 2017   
thank u winter u and nigol and jenn are best .. cheeky

winter 04:55 PM.......Mar 12, 2017   
there may be trivia ,,, me, or nigol, or jen could do one ..

calmlikeabomb 11:58 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
rod u should do trivia..all wrestling... I know id be there!

calmlikeabomb 11:57 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
no trivia sunday because calms too smart

rodney ;) 07:37 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
this is WHY there should be others that can
do triva game when hosty cant .. mad there should
be a plan B for others that be ready do triva sunday night
lot people look forward to playing triva .. grin

calmlikeabomb 03:41 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
yeah hosty we will play with your cats

rodney ;) 12:38 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
hosty would u like to adopt me and calm
as your sons .. grin

rodney ;) 12:37 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
.. hehe

rodney ;) 12:37 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
but iv got plan all ready .. grin ill say
i was lookin for updates on breaking news
of dead pro wrestlers ..its true i was in that site
but it was not know what i was doing ..heh

rodney ;) 12:34 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
knowin my luck men in black suits ringin my door bell
noseyin round in thos top secret sites

rodney ;) 12:32 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
i was deep in side of website called wiklinklicks
and i clicked on a site in there holy mother of god
.. roll i hit top secret missile programs .. roll
i was readin that stuff for over 30 minutes
tha told when and what month goverment was
ready to strike nuke sites in N, Korea
it said month of april .. shock

rodney ;) 12:20 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
from,, BARTOW, FL .. hehe
BARTOW police officer on paid leave after calling Obama
a Gorilla .. hehe
chrissy GillRakers .. yes this year we lost two gorillas.
one is in heaven.. and one is moving out of whitehouse,
one will be missed. one will not .. lol
on thursday. a group of protesters lined the side waiks
outside of the BARTOW police department to demand her firing

rodney ;) 12:13 PM.......Mar 11, 2017   
in, jeffersonville,IN .. hehe a southern indiana man accused
of killing his former girlfriend and eating parts of her body
in 2014 will undergo a psychiatric evaluations,
despite his insistence that hes compettent for trial,, .. roll
joseph Oberhansley is charged with murder, rape and abuse
of a dead corpse in the september 2014, slaying of
46 year old tammy jo Blanton, if convicted, he could
be sentenced to death .. shock

rodney ;) 07:01 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
.. hehe i was way deep in side the site named wikialinks
om any breaking news of pro wrestler deaths hot damn
i hit right website .. hehe now iv got 19 fav wrestling sites
on breaking news from pro wrestling .. hehe

rodney ;) 06:40 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
New Hampshire law allows 13 year olds to get married .. roll
house rejects bill raising minimum marriage age to 18 .. hehe
Existing law allows girls to get married at 13
and boys at 14 if they have court and parental approval,

Hosty 03:12 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
lol jimy no it's not news, but it does shock me and catch me off guard now & again lol

rodney ;) 01:42 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
i was readin for first ever the newest Fighter jet
series to be the priciest weapons program ever.
the F-35 Fighter Jet will be at dayton airshow
for 30 minute flight demo .. yay
and not just one fighter jet but two
will be there for 30 minute demo each .. yay
most expensive weapons program in U,S history,
at price tag of #379 billion for 2.443 aircraft
and the thunderbirds be at airshow also .. yay
im goin the past 2 years airforce had cut back
and no free VIP tickets but this year
there giving thos away .. grin so ill be in the VIP
AREA all free gate pass parking pass and even food pass .. cheeky
guys at air base .. crazy bout me .. hehe

rodney ;) 01:30 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
nothing going on today for me expect watching NCCA .. hehe
last night round 9.30 pm old farts
called me wanted me go watch ncca games with them
so like fool i went .. hehe we watched games till
2.00am then i got back home watched UCLA and Arizona
that lasted till 4 am .. hehe

rodney ;) 01:18 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
didnt want upset u or get u .. mad hosty so
for now on ill leave your wife out my posts .. grin
ok .. angel

rodney ;) 01:17 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
this really upsets me .. sad
Kairi Hojo of stardom has agreed to a three year contract
with WWE and is expecting to leave japan for WWE around
april to join the NXT womens division, .. sad
its damn shame shes better off staying and wrestling
in japan, this is a huge blow for stardom and
the compeny feels they were misled though the entire ordeal,
Hojo currently has two titles with the promotion
and they asked her to drop the titles in her last match
befor she leaves , and she told them Hell no , .. grin
shes taking the titles with her to WWE i say good for her
shes the all japan ladys wrestling champ plus the
hard core ladys champ .. hehe i watched her on tv
in lot matches and she could even beat men in ring if she wanted to
shes that damn good , .. yay

rodney ;) 01:07 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
MI and Purdue on NCCA great .. yay there 3 games on today .. grin

rodney ;) 01:06 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
Hosty what i should said was u just injoy readin what
i post here i could left wife out of post .. sad

Jimymac 12:39 PM.......Mar 10, 2017   
.umm and that is news to you hosty?

cat 11:51 AM.......Mar 10, 2017   
Rodney, I dont read it!!!! Just saying..... not everyone likes anything else you like to report on?

Hosty 10:42 AM.......Mar 10, 2017   
rod you are gross

rodney ;) 09:49 AM.......Mar 10, 2017   
its true i dont lie .. angel

rodney ;) 09:47 AM.......Mar 10, 2017   
because Hosty just injoys reading what i post here then
having sex with his wife ,.. grin

rodney ;) 09:45 AM.......Mar 10, 2017   
cat if u dont like what i post here then dont Read it .. hehe

cat 09:32 AM.......Mar 10, 2017   
Hosty!! You LIVE!!!!! LR- Yes, thats a great idea.....all of tonites snow, and the BiG one coming next week, can all re re-routed to HOSTY's house!!!! Sure works for me!

lr 06:53 AM.......Mar 10, 2017   
you don't have to only post about wrestling in here ... just make your own post and others will join in. and hosty cat and I are sending all the .. snow to you since you said you like it. lolol

Hosty 10:37 PM.......Mar 9, 2017   
cat .. hug ltns i'll be in sometime soooon .. hugs

cat 02:20 PM.......Mar 9, 2017   
What if we don't like pro wrestling, Rodney? Not much news for those of us then!

Jimymac 09:32 AM.......Mar 9, 2017   
lmao@rodney sucking dick for money. So at what point does that become an option? .. lol

Hosty 11:13 PM.......Mar 8, 2017   
.. blink

rodney ;) 09:14 PM.......Mar 8, 2017   
only reason why Daniel Bryan cant get in ring
is because WWE doctors told him hell no
hes not well nuff to wresle so theres been reports coming out
that his contract with WWE expires next year
and its possible he could jump to another promotion
in order to resume his in ring career .. roll
reason doctors told him he cant wrestle
no more is he has some damege to his head
and Bryan said i dont care i wanna wrestle again
he will be next in grave .. cry

rodney ;) 09:07 PM.......Mar 8, 2017   
it was purdy bad back stage at smakedown tapeing .. hehe
a livid AJ Styles confronted Shane McMahon baxckstage
and hit shane up side head .. hehe both men
had to be physically restrained by Michael Hayes and
Bryan james this pretty much confirms that WWE
is certainly going head with the much rumored
styles/shane match at wrestleMania 33 .. hehe
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