Not Secure

On Chrome or Firefox, you may see a message in your address bar like this one:

The message is meant to warn you of an insecure web page that is asking you for a password or credit card information.

Our site uses passwords to protect your chat username. We always recommend that you use a unique password that you do not use anywhere else. Our chat system will not operate on a secure web page (HTTPS vs. HTTP), and since we are only asking for your chat password, you are not at a great risk for hacking. If you were ever to have an issue with your password, please alert the administrator.

This warning is not something new that just occurred. Chat sites have always been "Not Secure" and the recent decision by Chrome and Firefox to warn you is just another push to force web hosts to use the more secure HTTPS sites. This is a move that just isn't necessary for a chat site that does not take credit card payments or hold personal information on its users.