To sign up for a free chat account:

•Scroll to the SIGN UP section
•Type your chat name into the USERNAME field
•Username length is minimum 2 and maximum 20
•Click the REGISTER NAME button
•A new window will open
•A login form will open in the center of the window
•Click the NEW USER ACCOUNT button
•A form will open in the center of the window
•Fill out all fields on the form
•Scroll down and be sure to check "I Agree"
•Click CREATE ACCOUNT button
•You will return to the login window
•You can now enter your new PASSWORD
•Click LOGIN
•Note about password creation:
   Make sure the password your create for
   chat is different from all other sites
   that you use. We do not host our chat
   on a security protocol page like sites
   that use your personal information and
   credit card information. Your browser
   may give you a warning when logging in
   on our site.

To sign into chat:

•Type your chat name into the USERNAME field
•Type your password into the PASSWORD field
•Leave the password blank to login as a guest
•Choose the room you prefer to open in chat
•Choose USER LIST ONLY to not open a room
•Click the ENTER CHAT NOW button
•A new window will open in the chat room

Reset Password:

•Type your chat name into the USERNAME field
•Type your password into the PASSWORD field
  -Do not leave password blank
•The chat page will open with an error message
•Click the Forgot Password button
•Enter your email to receive the correct password
•When you receive the email enter the password
•Click the Login button
•If you have any issues, email admin:

Chat Bar:

•When chat opens there are two windows
•On the right is the CHATBAR
•The CHATBAR is your chat control window
•There are 3 main sections
•Click on USERS icon
  -Here is a current list of all logged in users
  -Click on any user's name for options
  -Search for registered users at the bottom
  -Icons to the right of names show user status
  -Statuses include online, offline, BRB and PM
•Click on ROOMS icon
  -All available rooms are listed here
  -Click on any room name to enter that room
  -You can be in more than one room at a time
•Click on NOTIFICATIONS icon
  -Here are notices that need your attention
  -For example, when you get a friend request
  -More help is shown on this tab
•In the upper left corner is a blue gear icon
•Click the gear for chat settings
  -Set up your profile under My Profile
  -Change your availability under Status
  -EXIT CHAT is where you click to exit

Chat rooms:

•On the right is a list of room users
•At the bottom is the message input field
  -Type your message and press ENTER
•On the left is the main chat window
•Avatars are shown beside each user's name
•See Profile section to customize your avatar
•Click the blue gear icon for other options
  -Font color can be changed
  -Font size can be changed
  -Basic Emoticons can be opened
  -Open the Emoji website
  -EXIT THIS ROOM to leave room
•Hover over any room message for time stamp
•Click on usernames in the user list for options

Using other devices:

•This chat does not have a mobile edition
•You can, however, use some mobile devices
•Droid phones or tablets
  -In Chrome, click settings...
  -Select Request Desktop Site...
•iPads will open chat normally
•iPhones will not work with chat
•Some screen adusting may be needed on devices
•Chat is designed for laptops or desktops

Emoticons, Sounds and Emoji:

•There are now hundreds of Emoticons and Sounds
•Emoticons are images used to express feelings
•Sounds are short voice, musical or sound effects
•Emoji are standard smilies (used in texting)
•Each item has a code
•Emoticon and Sound codes are here Emoticons
•Emoji codes can be found at Emoji
•Emoticons pictures start with two periods: ..smiley
•Emoji codes are enclosed by colons: :smiley:
•Sounds start with two commas: ,,haha
•Font changes are within brackets: [red]

Private (Instant) Messages:

•Click on usernames in chat or on CHATBAR
•Select Instant Message (Private Message)
•A small chat window opens
•Talk privately to this user
•A PM indicator shows you have a PM waiting
•Click that user's name and open the PM window

My Profile:

•Click the blue gear on CHATBAR
•Select My Profile
•A small window opens
•Each tab has profile settings
•Use Icon tab to change your avatar picture
•Be sure click SAVE SETTINGS button

Leaving chat:

•Please do not just close the window
•In the Room, click on the blue gear icon
•The room will close
•In the CHATBAR, click the blue gear icon
•The CHATBAR will close
•You are now disconnected from chat
•Not doing these steps leaves your name logged in

Chat Access:

Chat can be accessed from any of the following addresses: